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Rick Ross at the start was the perfect choice damm it got me pumped up right away

Diamond Eyes” used to be my favourite song. There were others, too... Like “Enemies and “Crying Out”, but being a heavy sufferer of depression & anxiety, this REALLY hits home. I genuinely cant think of another song that really emphasises all the pain within... and what and how I feel on a daily, regular basis. When you just feel so enraged and angry all the time, in your bones. Not to mention low, destroyed and absolutely fucking worthless... Its deep as hell and the worst part about it, is its not just something you can simply turn off... And it fucking sucks! 😔👎🏼.

Call a doctor, say a prayer. When I listen to this with headphones on, the audio feels more in my left ear.


If she rapped like this on ever track she would be one of the best.