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Muy buena la música de ahora. A pesar que yo crecí escuchando rock alternativo de los 90 y 80, pero debo reconocer que hay muchas bandas actuales que suenan muy bien como foster the people, tame impala, arctic monkeys, cage the elephant, the kooks, arcade fire, etc. Download Full Doing money making. Youve probably read posts about how various Google services keep getting changed or deleted for GSuite users. This didnt sit well with me, considering at least some of its users are paying customers. In theory, we should get better treatment from Google, not worse. So over the course of a few hours, I moved the major parts of my entire Google existence going back 12 years from GSuite to a free, regular old Gmail account. I commented on a thread about this and someone asked me how I did it, so I thought Id spell it out. I hoping to help folks and maybe discuss better ways to get it done. Foreword This is just what I did. Your mileage may vary. Do your due diligence before messing with important data. Dont delete anything until you know its safely backed up or on the new account. Before starting, I want to point you to Google Takeout. I highly recommend using this service to download and save everything you can to somewhere safe. It takes forever, but makes parts of the process easier and at the very least, provides some peace of mind. Pros Full Google Assistant and Google Home functionality. Saves money if you pay for your GSuite account. No risk that your employer will cut you off from your account. Can leave Play Store app reviews. Custom dictionaries for Google Keyboard are saved to the cloud, if you don't have a GSuite account installed on your phone. Thanks /u/alpain. Cons This is a lot of work. Youll lose your search history, online reviews and Local Guide status, music play counts, Google Assistant home control routines, minimal Google scanning of your files, and no free 150TB of storage. Youll lose your Google Rewards, but you can use them to buy a Play Store gift card, which might be better. but you can use an app called Convert King to convert them to PayPal dollars. I lost my 8/month Google Play Music rate, and now have to pay 12/month for YouTube Premium (which gives me GPM for free. You might have to tell everyone a new email address, unless you keep the old one. Email I didnt want to just forward every email in my GSuite account to the new account. That would take forever, and be messy. Google doesnt provide an easy way to transfer your emails from a GSuite account to a regular email account, so I used Mozilla Thunderbird as an intermediate step. Add both of your accounts, and import your entire inbox into Thunderbird. Once the emails are read into Thunderbird, which took me two hours, you can right click on each folder and select “Copy to…” to send it to the other account. Very handy, and free. After that was done, I set up IMAP checking of the old account, which conveniently pulls emails over. I also added the GSuite account info to the regular Gmail account settings, so I can select which account I want to send emails from (since I havent deleted my GSuite account yet. Contacts Use the Export function on the left of the page to save your contacts to a Google CSV file, swap to the new account, and import the file. I think you lose contact pictures in this process, so there might be a better way to do it. Calendar Settings > Import & Export to a file, swap to the new account, and import the file. Hangouts Im one of the last remaining humans still using this utterly lame platform. Some conversations were priceless to me and I wanted to keep them, so Takeout made that pretty easy. Unfortunately, it saves your conversation as JSON files, which aren't easy to read or import elsewhere, so I used the free decoder found by Jay2K1. this tool was really helpful. I switched over to a better non-Google platform during the big migration, since theres no way to import Hangouts discussions from a new account. Photos I thought this was going to be the end of the world, but Google actually made transferring 10 years worth of pictures pretty easy. Just share your pictures, albums, etc. to the new account and theyll show up in your new account. Once you see them all, select them all and do a “save to library” to make them yours on the new account. Beware: if youre like me and have a ton of photos on there, it takes a long time to populate. During the process, I was worried that dates and locations seemed to be wrong, but that all fixed itself by the time it was done. Just be patient. Google Play Music Before I tell you what I did, you should look into the app Soundiiz I mention below. I didn't know about it when I transferred my GPM collection, and I wish I did. I have an extensive music library on Google Play Music, so this was a huge concern for me. Doing this the hard way meant making a long list of artists, songs, and albums in my collection and individually adding them into the new account. Screw that. The Share functionality was very useful for this. For each playlist, I shared it to the new account. Swap to the new account, accept the share, select all, and do an “add to library. ” But what about several thousand songs in my library that werent in playlists? I certainly didnt want to select thousands of songs and individually share them over, so I made new playlists that contains my entire music collection. For example, I made a playlist with all of the songs I'd given a thumbs up, so those would be preserved. A complication is that Google only allows 500 songs in a playlist, so I had to make like 12 new playlists. It was a pain in the ass, but it got the job done. Another complication is uploaded music. Back in the day, I had to upload a lot of music to GPM because it didn't exist in their library. Today, not one song wasn't available in GPM. This took a while, but I went through my entire collection and took note of everything I had uploaded, then added each song to my library. If you have uploaded music that isn't in the GPM library, you might look into whether Google Takeout will download them, then swap accounts and re-upload them. YouTube This one was tough without help. I dont have a lot of uploaded videos, so that part was easy: just upload the originals to the new account. If you don't have the originals, Google Takeout will download them from the old account for you. Sure, I lost views and comments, but thats a bonus in my opinion. Clearly, if youre a content provider, this part might be a deal-breaker. Playlists and subscriptions were a different story. To transfer playlists, I used app called Soundiiz, which is 4. 50/month, to transfer playlists from the old account to the new one. I used that service for a few hours and then cancelled the service. It was well worth the five bucks. Theres no way to transfer subscriptions, so I had to manually enter those. I opened two windows side-by-side and went down the list. I have about 20, so it really only took about 5 minutes to search for a provider and click the subscribe button. /u/F5PPu6kGqj reports that YouTube subscriptions can be exported (but maybe not imported) from with YouTube Subscription Manager. YouTube Music This service is such a train wreck that I almost didnt bother. The aforementioned Soundiiz app transferred my songs from one account to the other, but a decent number of them showed up on the new account as videos of live performances or covers by crappy bands. I attribute this to the YTM library being much, much smaller than the Google Play Music library, so it had no choice than to downgrade to whatever video it could find. Beware: youll have to spend some time deleting these misidentifications, because some of them are really, really bad. Maps Youll have to set up home and work locations in your new account… no big deal. For saved locations, you can use the Share function to send them to your new account, and manually save each one. I only had half a dozen, so this was easy for me. If you have a lot of them, I havent tried this but you can probably make a map of all of them and share the entire map. Keep lists Keep lists are shareable, but if you delete them on the original account, they get deleted on all shared accounts. You can copy and paste from one note to another, but that is a lot of work. An easy way to do this is share each list to your new account, then switch to your new account and theyll all be there waiting for you. Select each one and choose Make a Copy, and that list will belong to you. You can delete the old list at this point. Web Passwords You can export your web site passwords stored in Chrome by going to Menu > Settings > Passwords > dot menu to the right of "Saved Passwords. Export Passwords. After you switch to your new account, you can import from that file back into Chrome with Menu > Settings > Import Bookmarks and Settings and select Bookmarks HTML file from the pulldown. Bookmarks I saved off my bookmarks to a file using Google Takeout. Most web browsers have an import/export functionality. Im dumb and use Chrome, so I used Settings > Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager > dot menu > Export to save them to a you switch to your new account, you can import from that file back into Chrome with Menu > Settings > Import Bookmarks and Settings > navigate to saved file. 2FA To the best of my knowledge, Google Authenticate doesn't provide any means to switch to new accounts, or any backup capability. You'll have to turn off 2FA for each account and reconnect it on your new account. I use Authy for 2-factor authentication, for exactly this reason; Authy allows you to change email addresses. Its a process that you should take very seriously, but its straight-forward and doesnt take too long. Everything transferred with no issues. Apps This was a bitter pill to swallow because I had a lot of paid apps accumulated over the years. I could live without many of them, but a few are super important to me and had to be purchased again. For free apps, I opened two browser windows, one with each account logged into the Play Store, and manually went down the list. I use a lot of apps, but this was pretty easy and only took about half an hour to search for each one and tell it to install. For paid apps, like I said, youre just going to have to buy them again. I didnt bother contacting the app authors; theyre under no obligation to help us out, but you might be able to convince them. Google Drive files I have about 50 files on my Google Drive. I used the Share function to move these over. It was pretty easy because you can share entire folders. Once they're accessible on your new account, right click and select Make a Copy. That will make the file belong to your new account and you can delete the old one. This should work for all Google Docs and Sheets documents you have online. Google Voice voicemails You can associate your GV number with a new Google account, but you cant bring your saved voicemails or SMS messages with you. I used Google Takeout to download them all for safe keeping before I initiated the swap to the new account. Theres no way to upload them to GV once its linked to the new account, so I just keep them on a hard drive now. EDIT 1: Thanks for the upvotes and coinage! Added a link to Convert King, which lets you convert Google Rewards money to PayPal. Added a link to YouTube Subscription Manager. Added loss of minimal Google scanning of your files and free 150TB of storage to Cons. Thanks /u/Ripdog and /u/port53.

This story is not mine. Its a cross-post from the well-known pro /u/omegaweapon on r/lockedaway. So almost a couple of years ago I had a guy that emailed me back and forth for months. He was pretty cool but picky beyond belief and couldn't decide on what he wanted. Finally though he ordered this ultra deluxe, 4 player arcade machine wrapped in Star wars graphics, I don't have the original pic so here's a sample render he spared no expense, spending 3000 plus 220 shipping. The machine arrives in Melbourne 5 days later and he calls me up losing his shit. It's been damaged by the freight company. I send everything fully insured so I assured him it was ok, he's covered. Please send me the pics of the damage. It was only very slight, nothing cosmetic, but the console was a little dislodged as they must have stacked something heavy on it. I assured the customer it could be fixed, I'll contract a cabinet maker to come out to him and repair it at my expense, then I'll go through insurance later. Nope. he didn't want that. So i said ok, I'll arrange for collection and have it brought back to me, and I'll issue him a full refund including freight. He didn't want that either. Ok I said, what would make you happy then? It's something easy to fix, perhaps i can pay you what I'd pay the contractor (about 250) and you can fix it? Nope. He wanted a full refund AND he wanted to keep the machine too. I said that won't happen. Insurance won't allow it as the damage is tiny. It's like car insurance, they won't write off a whole car for minor damage that can be fixed. He didn't care, he wanted a refund. I said they won't do it, and I certainly wont pay out of pocket. Either I'll arrange collection of the unit at my expense and issue a refund to him or we have it repaired. He paid via Paypal and he's putting through a dispute because the item "didn't arrive as described. I advised him that Paypal's rules also state that in order to get a refund, He'll need to show proof that he'd sent the item back or arranged with the sender to have it collected. He's keeping it and getting a refund. So I advised him that what he was committing was fraud and theft, Also Paypal will freeze the 3220 in my account and I'm not at fault here. That's what Paypal does you see. If anyone lodges a dispute, they automatically freeze the funds in the sellers account. it's guilty until proven innocent with them. It can also take up to 90 days to resolve, sometimes 6 months. I know, it's happened before. He didn't care. The next thing i knew, I had a notification from Paypal. The funds were frozen pending the dispute. The next step is stating your case to them. Providing evidence etc where they relay the info back and forth between the buyer and seller. Paypal ALWAYS sides with the buyer, sellers are a piece of shit as far as they're concerned. If it cant be resolved between buyer and seller, then you can opt to have Paypal decide. but their decision is absolute. I provided my transcripts advising the customer that I'd collect the item and refund him, and he provided them with a fake pick up receipt. As far as they knew, he's done his part, now he's eligible. So they ruled in his favour. So this fucker now has his money back and my 3000 machine. I was fuming, and he wouldn't answer my calls or emails. I'm a big guy and i had a rough upbringing in a tough neighbourhood, so i was about to jump into my truck, drive the 900km south, knock on his door and watch him shit himself as i repossess my machine. But my wife being the voice of reason calmed me down and said to try legal avenues first. Coincidentally he emails me 3 days later and says the computer in the machine stopped working. I replied "which fucking planet do you live on where you steal an item then complain it doesn't work. he lol'ed me and said he had an IT guy. A few days after that i get a call from a guy saying that his friend bought an item and the Hard drive is dead. It was his IT guy, and i don't think he knew the whole story. I asked him to find the serial number, it's just the date it was built and the iteration, for example 2312201901. He read the number out and i said "oh it's in warranty, send it back and I'll send a fresh new one" he bought it and sent it back. Now note that he said the HDD was dead, that's a good thing. If it had been the computer, he could just use anything else and use the HDD as a back up. But since it was dead, and now i had his computer too, he has to buy a new system which would set him back at least 450 but he still couldn't play games in it. You can download the apps but there's a tonne of config work and button mapping etc. IT guy calls me a few days later asking for the computer, and I told him the story and that nope, he can go fuck himself. He also lol'ed and asked how hard it could possibly be to just download shit. See, what he didn't know is that i have a little fail safe built in. The encoder I use isnt mapped to the default keys on the apps. I changed everything around on the hardware to stop people trying to just clone it. It's not hard to get around, but most people aren't familiar with the nuances of emulators. Inevitably, I get another call a few days later from a different guy saying that he'd built his own machine but couldn't get it working. the symptoms were exactly that of trying to get my controls working on a different system. It was definitely the IT guy fishing. I played dumb and said i didn't know, sorry. Now this guy had an empty useless cabinet, so he left me a one star review on Google. It's since been removed but it read something like "poor quality build, flimsy, system doesn't work, do not buy from these people. I was about to jump into my truck again and drive down to that fuckface. But again, my wife is like a bucket of ice water to my fire. So i wrote a long letter to Paypal attaching all of my evidence of his fraud. Then i responded to the 1 star review with attachments to the emails and his admission to committing the fraud. Also i displayed his name and email address to smoke him out. He immediately called and said, look, no hard feelings ok, but i received a damaged item and i'm entitled to compensation. Remove my details" He was getting spammed relentlessly, but he seriously believed he did nothing wrong, I told him to go fuck himself and to enjoy his useless machine. I was still burning though. I forgot about it after a few weeks, Paypal didn't respond so i cut my losses and moved on. But then something beautiful happened. It's as though the universe aligned and said "Hey Abs, we're not going to shit on you today, here, take this gift on a silver platter" I was on ebay looking for old non working machines i can buy and refurb, there's good money to be made doing that. A one day refurb could pull in over 1000 profit. He's listed my machine! but contrary to his google review, the description was "marvelous hand built arcade cabinet, built by a master carpenter, flawless finish and quality, missing computer. Good for a DIY project" I'm not a carpenter by the way) he had it listed for 1100. That was still 1100 pure profit to him since he got it free. I bought it under my wife's account and had it delivered to my home address. When i sent it, it was wrapped in about a 4 inch thick layer of bubble wrap. When it arrived it had a flimsy single layer less than 5mm thick. The courier who dropped it off was the same guy who picked up from me, we were good friends and he knew the story. So i said i was going to damage it, make it look serious, but nothing i cant fix in a few minutes. He agreed and said that he'd log the damage as due to insufficient packaging. Insurance won't cover it. I knocked the panels out from inside so it looked like the machine had been crushed, realistically i only had to reset the screws and it was good as new, But it looked mangled. Then i sent Melbourne dickhead the pics and complained about the damage. He said it was insured. I advised him the courier said it was insufficiently packaged and that it's not covered, i want a refund, take this back. I knew he wouldn't take it back, it was totally useless to him. He said he didn't want it and he'll refund the freight. I said nope. I can't do anything with a damaged machine, if he doesn't do anything, I'm filing a Paypal dispute under "item not as described" he wasn't happy, played the victim, played on my sympathy still not realizing who i was. Eventually after offering me partial refunds and getting rejected, he relented and told me to keep it and he'd refund me in full. He must've realized that his greed wasn't worth it and it cost him nothing. So now i had my machine back and I was happy this was over with, still pissed at this guys audacity, but meh. That's not the end gets better, oh does it get deliciously better. Someone at Paypal business had finally read my complaint. Since I do a lot of work through Paypal under a business account, there's kind of a concierge service although not really, kind of like a priority service. They actually went through my complaint, verified that his pick up docket was actually a year old and unrelated, and read the transcripts of him intending to keep the machine and get a refund. They refunded my money in full. Now i had my machine back and 3k of his money and he couldn't do shit because he got caught for fraud. Can't dispute shit if you got caught being dishonest He called me up losing his shit. I laughed and said sorry mate, it's karma, It's purely up to my good will to refund you, go suck a doorknob. He pleaded and begged, swore a lot, pleaded more, and I said i'll think about it. Legally he had no leg to stand on. But i have scruples. I donated it all to charity on his behalf. I sent him the receipt, he lost his shit some more, but now there were kids with food and clothes because of his douchebag-ness. Eat a dick Michael.

40 secs in and I‘ve already subscribed. I love this no bs mentality. I think this is the best track of the album.

Dan you opened my eyes thank you man

If you don't follow any news on China, I just wanted to give an update to the rest of my fellow Americans as to how bad it really is. To give some context, I work in the video games industry (the forefront of China's tech industry investments) and have personal connections with Chinese internationals in the States and abroad. I've also landed an internship for half a year in China as an experience to see what it's really like to be there. I'll start off with the simple concept where everything - any business, news, literally anything goes through the CPC and is reviewed, invested by, or censored by the government. If you've heard of anything, perhaps you've heard of the giant tech company Tencent which invented WeChat (the equivalent of Chinese Facebook. This company is extremely rich and successful, but it got to where it was because the CPC funded it. Now an analogy would be if the American government gave tax payer money to make Facebook and Google into giant tech conglomerates and then kept tabs on everything that Americans do online. Now why is Tencent so important? Because currently they've invaded foreign companies and straight up bought out American companies. They own 100% of Riot games (League of Legends) SuperCell (Clash of Clans) major stakes in Epic Games and Bluehole (Fortnite/PUBG) even stakes in Discord and Reddit! Which means everything I've listed above is indirectly being influenced by this company. Another big example, TikTok is 100% owned by a Chinese company ByteDance. A few more concerning facts. During my internship, I found that every piece of software/book/resource is pirated. Every single one. Example, as an American who opens a business that pay Adobe thousands a month for their business software, the Chinese are essentially paying 0. My latest concerning fact is that they've now forced anyone related to the CPC to download an app from Leader Xi which has a timed mandatory "minimum reading of his wise words" daily, or there's going to be trouble. And now they're full fledged invested in mandatory facial recognition cameras and unrestricted AI research. And the response when I tell the citizens? As long as I'm not doing something "bad" it won't affect me. Why Andrew Yang? Because we're losing as a country. We've seen how our businesses are feeling the economic burden from foreign forces (Nike, Disney, Blizzard, etc. Yang knows this, he won't publicly disclose everything I've just said, but right now it's a literal tech arms race. Any presidential candidate not addressing this will definitely hurt America within the next couple of years. I've been holding this in for a while now, but feel free to fact-check and Google every piece of data here, it's been confirmed with my sources online and offline.

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My gosh what a horrible thing people go through. This movie is all too important and unfortunately a story that not one but 5 million girls and women can relate too. Sit your daughters, sisters and even sons down, when they are age ready and watch it. we cannot let this be an invisible problem anymore. I watched this tonight. I've cried loads. It's awful what human beings do to each other. This was very well made and I'm still shaken up by her story.

Our Demographic here in MensLib tends to skew younger, and unmarried. So I wanted to bring some attention on these policies so that as we grow older and one day might choose to start a family, we can be better informed now, so these polices will be in place when that moment comes. This post will largely consider the American system, but please do not limit discussion to the U. S. or your personal experience with other programs below. Theres been a lot of consternation in the U. over healthcare policies and it tends to overshadow a lot of other related proposals. Policy-wise, when it comes to child care theres generally two things progressives look at. First, how to make child care more affordable in the pre-school years through various initiatives and tax credits. Or through daycare facilities (private, government or employer sponsored) and private care workers. Second, how to make the process and financials of major life events mesh better with the expectations of work and economic stability – be it the actual birth of a child, or another medical emergency for yourself or a loved one. This post considers the latter, and assumes another system for child care after parental leave will take over. This is not the time to advocate for less working hours to stay home, for high enough wages to afford a nanny, for workers to get their share of leisure and wage growth from increases in productivity through technology and automation. In an economy that currently expects both parents to work without serious protections for workers and economic stability, and a country where child-rearing is still a heavily gendered responsibly, we must advocate for programs with clear progressive values, positive results and that already show the political will to enact. PFML = Paid Family Medical Leave FMLA (1993. Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 What is Paid Family Leave and who does it affect? Sometimes referred to as parental leave, paid family leave is a workers benefit provided by employers or the government to allow paid or unpaid time off from work for or a certain duration to parents for the purposes of recovering from child birth, parental bonding, and economic/job security. Paid leave typically provides a reduced wage replacement during this period that is administered by either the government or the employer. Most people in the U. do not have paid family leave. Only 19% of workers in the U. have paid family leave to care for a child or a seriously ill loved one. Sometimes parents can be covered by Employer Short-term Disability Policies, but still, only 40% of workers are covered in those cases. Access to paid family leave has only grown 6% over the last 5 years (13% 19. where the highest wage workers have seen as 12% increase (22% 34. and low-wage workers have seen a 2% increase (4% 6. Nearly two-thirds of full-time employees (63% who are parents did not take paid parental leave in the US and over three-quarters of women (77% indicate their spouse/partner is not eligible for paid parental leave. Millennials (48% are much more likely to take paid parental leave compared with parents of older generations when they had children. 7% of people who filed for bankruptcy cited the birth of a child as the cause. “Sandwich caregivers” are those who are caught between the demands of both childcare and caring for an adult family member. National Alliance for Caregiving cite these caregivers provide 22hrs a week of care and have to cut hours during prime working and long-term saving years. Sandwich caregivers are 19% Baby Boomers, 31% Millennials and 49% Gen X and often lack workplace benefits while juggling care. A History of Family Leave in the U. The U. is one of a very small number of countries (“one in two”, “only industrialized nation”, “one of three within in U. N. ” “only rich country”, “only OECD Country”) that has no guaranteed paid leave of any kind. Often, we dont think about it as economic security or support and that means people rely on a patchwork of state policies, other family members (and their employee benefits if they have it) vacation/sick time, or taking unpaid leave via 1993 Family and Medical Leave Act, but theres no standard or guarantee that says you deserve, and should have access to, paid family leave no matter where you live, where you work, the type of job you have, or whether youre caring for a child versus an older facility member dealing with a serious illness. culturally prioritizes work, and fetishizes hard work as the key to social mobility. It is the reason why you see work requirements in a lot of welfare programs despite them not working. PFML likewise is designed with workers in mind who will continue working. And unlike some European policies that are pro-natalist that historically (some still do) separated men and women because for gender roles, its critical that PFML in recognizes parents regardless of gender will work and will need leave at some point to take care of themselves, a child, or a family member. Traditionally, the movement for paid leave has largely centered on state and local policies or those voluntarily adopted by employers or negotiated through union contracts. The Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 Prior to 1992, George H. W. Bush vetoed a FMLA twice. When Bill Clinton was elected it became a domestic priority. The Family Medical Leave Act of 1993, signed into law by Clinton, provided the following measures. Eligible Employers: Private-sector employer, with 50 or more employees in 20 or more workweeks in the current or preceding calendar year, including a joint employer or successor in interest to a covered employer; Public agency, including a local, state, or Federal government agency, regardless of the number of employees it employs; or Public or private elementary or secondary school, regardless of the number of employees it employs. Eligible Employees: Works for a covered employer; Has worked for the employer for at least 12 months; Has at least 1, 250 hours of service for the employer during the 12 month period ( 24hrs a week) immediately preceding the leave* and Works at a location where the employer has at least 50 employees within 75 miles. This effectively restricted these benefits to 41% of the workforce. It entitles eligible workers up to 12 workweeks of unpaid leave in a 12-month period for: The birth of a son or daughter or placement of a son or daughter with the employee for adoption or foster care; To care for a spouse, son, daughter, or parent who has a serious health condition; For a serious health condition that makes the employee unable to perform the essential functions of his or her job; or For any qualifying exigency arising out of the fact that a spouse, son, daughter, or parent is a military member on covered active duty or call to covered active duty status. Some states picked up where the government left off. California was the first state to implement a state program for family leave in 2002 (effective 2004) New Jersey the second. These two states have served as a model for much of the future legislation. Since 2002/2004 California has made several improvements and expansions and the overall effects have been: Improved Labor Force Participation, Improved Earnings (particularly for women, POC, and low wage workers) people are taking more care of their family members, reduced utilization of nursing homes by 11% addtl. Medicaid savings) decrease in shaken baby syndrome diagnosis and improved outcomes around ADHD and Education. Plus, more men are spending time with their new children. Utilization for men have gone increased form less than 15% to 40% of all baby bonding claims, foreshadowing a cultural shift in gender equality. In Rode Islands program 1/3 of all leave takers were men. When men takes leave it makes it easier for women to go back to work, there is less gender bias, and women have better outcomes. Nationally, among U. adults “who have taken – or who needed or wanted but were unable to take – parental, family or medical leave in the past two years” Pew Research says the median length of leave taken by new fathers is 1 week, compared to 11 for new mothers. Workers making more than 75, 000 a year will take on median twice as much leave as those making less than 30, 000. Ernst and Young places the average of paid leave at 4. 5 weeks for women and 2. 3 weeks for men. As of July 2019, eight states (California, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New York, Washington, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Oregon) and the District of Columbia have enacted laws that grant parental leave as part of state paid family and medical leave insurance laws, with 4 being effective currently. As of 2016, 12 states (Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Wyoming) have passed zero legislation protecting working families since the FMLA in 1993. Originally California had a wage replacement of 55% and a cap of 1, 000 a week, and New Jersey had a wage replacement of 66% and a cap of 500 a week. Both programs were found to be insufficient for low wage earners and the higher of both values became the basis for future legislation, including the National Paid Family Leave Act sponsored by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn. Some states (Oregon, California, D. C. Massachusetts) have benefits granted on a progressive scale - either where more wage would be received at the beginning weeks of leave to help workers transition or by giving more family leave benefits to workers with less income. Theres a new calling for a national standard: The Family And Medical Insurance Leave (FAMILY) Act (H. R. 1185/S. 463) Every Year since 2013, this bill has been reintroduced. When it was first introduced it had support from 6 senators (all democrats) and 57 house seats. And now it has 37 senators and 203 house members, including 1 House Republican! Chris Smith – NJ. You can see whether your senator or house member are Co-sponsors by following these links. Republicans oppose it because it is an increase in taxes. The FAMILY Acts goal is to create a national Paid Family and Medical Leave program set up as a social insurance fund that would guarantee workers up to 12 weeks paid (at 66% of their wage, capped at 4, 000 /month indexed yearly) to care for a new child - through birth, adoption, or foster placement, medical emergency and all the same considerations that already exists in the 1993 law without the eligibility restrictions and with pay. The Social Fund would manifest as a 4/10ths of 1% payroll contribution (a. 02% tax increase a week on both the employee and employer side - equivalent to 1/18th of social security. It would look like social security in the way funds are taken out on your paystub and is conceptually and structurally similar. That cost would pay for the benefits itself and the administration, outreach, and education of the program. The Center for American Progress estimates that the FAMILY Act would make 77 percent to 84 percent of all U. workers eligible for paid leave. Employers will still be able to compete by offering workers more than this standard requires. I heard theres an Election, What are the Candidates Saying? First off, they are listening to the people: 8 in 10 voters support a comprehensive national paid family and medical leave policy that covers all people who work (84. 8 in 10 feel the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) needs an update (82. Voters prefer paying for a national paid family and medical leave policy through a shared cost between employers and employees. Despite the makeup of the current support for the FAMILY ACT, it receives bipartisan support from Republican and Democratic voters. The CATO Institute poll is unreasonable and an outlier. Median Wage workers can expect to pay between 76. 85 and 97. 72 depending on part-time work status. Most anyone will pay a year is 250 year for the highest wage. CATOs poll still says 78% of Americans support a federal program and a majority of Americans (54% support 200 on a federal leave program. Small Business 7 in 10 in favor payroll tax contribution, family leave insurance Almost all presidential candidates have policies. All of them who do use the FAMILY Act as baseline, but some have gone farther. Many candidates also have polices detailing other worker protections like sick/vacation days, childcare, and early education. I only researched candidates polling above 3% on average. Sen. Bernie Sanders – Co-Sponsor of the FAMILY Act Sen. Elizabeth Warren – Co-Sponsor of the FAMILY Act Former V. P. Joe Biden – How long should paid maternity leave last? 12 weeks. Should maternity leave be paid for by employers? Government? Combination? Government. (Note: Government paid is the least popular method according to polling) Mayor Pete Buttigieg – “enhanced” version of the FAMILY Act Michael Bloomberg – supportive. Details unknown. His company provides 6 months (27 weeks) of leave. Andrew Yang – How long should paid maternity leave last? Nine months to be split between parents; six months for a single parent. Should maternity leave be paid for by employers? Government? Combination? Combination. Amy Klobuchar - Co-Sponsor of the FAMILY Act Donald J. Trump – proposal includes paid leave for mothers, fathers, and adoptive parents. (only parental leave, no medical) The proposal provides six weeks of paid leave, is financed through state unemployment insurance (UI) systems in partnership with the federal government, and is paid for by offsetting reforms to the UI system. During his administration progress has been made for parental leave (no medical leave) for federal employees for 12 weeks. Notably, Kamila Harris, before she dropped out, advocated for a 6 month 100% wage replacement policy. I dont Like the FAMILY Act, What are the Alternatives? Many of these alternatives only cover family leave. They do not cover medical emergencies and other exigencies. Do Nothing, Cost of the Status Quo Center for American progress estimates families aggregated lose 20. 6 billion dollars a year because of inadequate or no PFML, babies not taking wellness visits and immunizations, 23% of people returning to work within 2 weeks, 95% of dads who are not even taking 2 weeks, low wage workers dont have bargaining power to get similar benefits, costing 300, 000 on income and retirement savings for older workers who leave work to care for aging parent, higher nursing home expenses, businesses with higher turnover, higher spending made by other programs and personal bills not being paid. A regulatory mandate as opposed to a social fund Where employers are required to provide it, the government wont be in involved. This has the potential to allow employers to discriminate against people in the hiring process (example: women who might become pregnant, or workers who appear to have a serious illness) as a business is incentivized not to make these payouts when avoidable. There would also be reasonable exemptions for small business and a social fund instead of a regulatory mandate will provide more flexibility to how money gets spent. Even larger businesses are advocating for uniformity as they are forced to comply with multiple state regulatory processes making compliance expensive. Stating: “Legislation should provide uniform standards that apply to all covered employees and that adhere to the federal Family and Medical Leave Act requirements. Doing so would benefit employees needing coverage as well as help businesses challenged by the growing patchwork of competing and inconsistent state plans … Legislation should give employers flexibility in managing paid family and medical leave benefits”. They do differ on the particulars of implementation but do want the federal government to preempt these policies. Keep in mind though what business incentives are, Walmart received a gold star in a lot the press by offering leave 6 weeks for family leave … for full time workers … 60% of Walmarts workforce is part time … Small business as mentioned are in favor of a government administered tax fund. Subsidize the Employer Marco Rubio was the first republican to come forward with paid family leave plan. It was a subsidy awarded to businesses as a “25% non-refundable tax credit that voluntarily offer at least four weeks of paid family leave, limited to twelve weeks of leave and 4, 000 per employee each year. ” and included raising the child tax credit by 2, 500. A similar plan ( Paid Family Leave Pilot Extension Act) ended up inside the 2017 Tax Bill by Sen. Deb Fischer, R-Neb) which provided a tax credit of 12. 5% up to 25% of what the company pays towards the worker for the company. It requires companies to offer at least two weeks (12 weeks to receive the full credit) of family leave where the employee both makes less than 72, 000 a year and the paid leave covers 50% of their wage. This provision was designed as a test and lasted until the end of 2019. “Social Security Parental Leave Program” by the Independent Womens Forum / “Economic Security for New Parents Act” introduced by Marco Rubio (R-FL) and sponsored by Rep. Ann Wagner (R-MO. A parent of a new child could take up to 12 weeks of leave per year and receive on average 45 percent of their pay. Individuals would need to delay their retirement by about 25 weeks for each 12 weeks of leave or see a cut in their Social Security retirement benefits if they retire earlier. In addition the Urban Institute states “Participants who take 12 weeks of paid leave would experience a 3 percent decline in lifetime Social Security retirement benefits, but losses would be significantly higher for people with larger families who take multiple leaves. ” With Rubios version it allows for each parent to pull from their Social Security Benefit in order to take 2 months of family leave, with their respective weeks transferable. According to the Urban Institute, this would be an improvement, and “replace slightly more than one-half of earnings for parents who leave work for three months and about four-fifths of earnings for parents who leave work for two months”. Naturally you would be borrowing from your future self under the assumption you'll still be able-bodied to work past the retirement date. 58% of people oppose this plan according to National Why take leave, when you can pull out a Loan? The Advancing Support for Working Families Act……. Bipartisan duos, U. Reps. Elise Stefanik & Colin Allred and Senators Bill Cassidy & Kyrsten Sinema have proposed legislation where new parents can get an advance (one-time interest free loan) on the future value of their child tax credit. It would allow parents to claim 5, 000 of their tax credit with a new child and then over the next 10 years receive& 500 dollars less of the aforementioned credit. Im #ChildFree without any intent of having a child, why do Parents get all the benefits? It is paid family and medical leave. Virtually everyone will use this program at one point or another in their life. These things are combined for a few reasons. First, it makes sure everyone is able to have some sort of skin in the game, whether youre a parent or that your parents will grow old one day and requires care – this makes support of the program go up, as well as builds more political will to make it happen. Second, birthing is still a medical process with a lot of expensive care required and even in adoption preparing a new home for a little one is costly on top of the actual process of adoption. Third, this program is about creating economic stability for families and low wage workers that requires a more holistic approach for the ways life interrupts our work. With the Family Leave Medical Act of 1993, approximately 55% of people used it to recover from their own illness, 21% a new child, and 18% for family care giving. The FAMILY Act will cover all the same reasons but workers will also be paid. By 2050 up to 20. 2% of the American population is projected to be over the age of 65. According to Ernst and Young, 25% of millennials already care for another family member. Also, heres a link the U. House Oversight Committees hearing on Examining the Need for Comprehensive National Paid Family and Medical Leave that happened just last month. Testimony are provided by: Jacqui Silvani - Newfields, New Hampshire The Honorable Robert Asaro-Angelo – Commissioner, New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development Aaron Seyedian – Founder, Well-Paid Maids Jennifer Tucker – Senior Policy Advisor, The National Coalition on Black Civic Participation Vicki Shabo – Senior Fellow, Paid Leave Policy and Strategy, Better Life Lab, New America Advocacy: In todays world, youve got to go back to work while youre bleeding or your mother dying. Sources: GENERAL: FILE/ FMLA 1993 FAMILY ACT CANDIDATE POLICIES ALTERNATIVES POLLING.

Welcome back, Punt Fans, to the [EXCITED FANFARE] SEASON ENDING FRIGGEN' FINALE edition of our weekly hunt for the King of Punt – its r/NFL s own Punt Rank. If you havent been here with me before, the concept is both simple and fantastically over-engineered. Lemme break it down: Each punters performance against five vital punting metrics is ranked against every other punter in the league. Those rankings are combined into a weighted average ranking – the 2019 NFL Punt Rank. Punt Heroes rise to the top; Punt Zeros sink to the bottom. It's as simple as that. And this week, after 2193 total punts in the NFL 2019 Regular Season, we have reached the end. Our final Punt Rank standings are here. And our overall champion is, well. You'll find out. Usually at this point wed do the overall standings. But not this week, oh no. This week, the standings are the end with the season round up TO FIND OUT THAT OVERALL WINNER. Now, if you want to ruin it, then feel free to skip to the good bit. But for those purists who care about what happened in Week 17, heres the weekly punt performance (this week, alphabetically by team – no spoilers. and the associated rundown: Week 17 Punt Performance Summary Good Week for Jamie Gillan ( 4 to #9. The Scottish Hammer caps off a fine rookie season with a vintage Scottish performance. By that I mean he wandered out buzzin on Buckfast spoilin for a fight and ended up beltin oot Proclaimers oon tha wee singbox wi tha lood voice talkin stick AN WHO THA FUCK A YOO LOOKIN AT EH BIG MAN wait where was I. Oh yeah, Scottish Hammer. Kid can punt, thats what you need to know here. Two MAHOOSIVE 62 yard thumpers to the 15 and the 4 were at the cornerstone of this 50% In20, 52. 1 Net Average Yard (NAY) performance which took the Hammer right into the Top 10. Great punting, great season, great hair. Sam Koch (Hold Steady at #18. So we never did quite get the all-time low punts punting season we thought we might end up with, but Sam went Ham on the 4D Punting Chess this week to preserve his spot inside the top 20. Three punts, three punts Inside the 20, season In20% up by 3. 9% to an impressive 52. 5% 21/40. Why the 4D Punting Chess? Amazingly, all three of these "In20" punts ended up at the 19 yard line. HES PLAYING THE SYSTEM AND YOU CANT EVEN SEE IT, YOU SHEEP! Ryan Allen ( 6 to #19. Well this ended up better than it started. Atlanta IR/Punt Death replacement Allen (the only punter I can think of who has been cut after one game week and been back punting again the next week) has somehow scrambled into the Top 20 with his two punts in Week 17 which both ended up Inside the 20, taking him to a perfectly balanced 50% for the season. Interesting off-season ahead for Allen – both he and lonnnng time Falcons punter Matt Bosher are free agents for 2020. The difference is Bosher took 2. 5m to miss most of 2019 and Allen outpunted him on a 1 year deal for 805k. Hes also three years younger than Bosh. Might just be that Allen finds a new home down south with the Birds this winter. Bad Week for Jordan Berry ( 3 to #30. It may shock you to learn that I have never been an NFL punter. I have never been a college punter. I have never even punted a football in an actual game, so theres a chance I may be wrong with this. Buuuut Im going to go out on a limb and say that when the bending over guy does the throwy action and the ball thing comes to you, youre probably NOT supposed to flap at it like a maiden aunt trying to shoo a wasp, finangle it backwards towards your own end zone and watch the other team rumble it in for a touchdown. Like I said, I may be wrong, but it just seems like a bad idea. Tress Way ( 2 to #10. Tress Way regularly punts the ball 70 yards because Tress Way is a freakish human. Tress Ways longest punt this season is SEVENTY NINE YARDS which is like, 14 Dwayne Haskins pass plays. Sometimes (like this week) Tress Way kicks it too far and his 70 yard punts go for touchbacks. When you chuck a touchback and a seven yard return into the mix and still average 49. 1 Net Yards youre probably doing OK. However, the Punt Rank doesnt lie, and down he must fall. Cruel I know, but the four year, 15m contract extension just signed has probably helped a bit. Chris Jones ( 1 to #29. Yeah yeah, Chris Jones went up the rankings, blah blah. Only because no one needed to return his miserable 18 yard punt from his own 26 yard line. Jones finishes the season 29th of 32, with the lowest overall Gross Yards (41. 6) lowest overall Net Yards (37. 0) and the shortest ‘Long punt of the year (58 yards. For a guy who used to be called The Puntisher, this is borderline embarrassing. Cowboys have 1. 5m in dead money on Jones through 2020 and 2021, but can save 3. 4m in Cap Space if hes cut before June. Id be sorely tempted to pull that trigger if I was. INSERT NEW COACH OF DALLAS COWBOYS HERE AH WHO ARE WE KIDDING JERRY MAKES ALL THE DECISIONS ANYWAY. Touchback Survivor Watch – Week 17 [To recap: as we approach the conclusion of the season, I like to keep an eye on which ‘full season punters are yet to kick a touchback. There have only been three such seasons in NFL history (or, um, since 1991 when we started recording touchbacks) so its kind of a big deal for me - and it should be for you too. HE DID IT! HE ONLY WENT AND DID IT! With another touchback free performance this week against the Bears, Britton Colquitt became just the fourth punter of all time (cough, 1991, cough) to kick a full 16 game season without giving up a touchback. And you know the weirdest thing? After only one Perfect Season in the first 25 years of counting (Sav Rocca for Washington in 2013) there have now been three in a row – Ryan Quigley (MIN, 2017) Tress Way (WSH, 2018) and now BC in 2019, again for the Vikes. SOMEBODY GET VEGAS ON THE PHONE. Lets hope Brittons offseason goes better than Ryan Quigleys, who followed up his touchbackless year by punting in Minny all pre-season then getting his ass cut so damn fast in favour of Matt Wile just before the 2018 season. Maybe ol Wile E. Coyote will be sniffing around the UFA Colquitts locker again this year. If he goes, at least it is at the pinnacle. Britton - me and the eleven other people reading this salute you! Punt of the week – Week 17 Those of you who were here last week will remember the sad loss of our brother-in-punting Michael Palardy (CAR) utterly ravaged by Nyheim Hines to the tune of two TDs and a week of bed rest where he just screamed 'BUT WHY WILL NO ONE TACKLE HIM' over and over again. However, I am pleased to say that it appears reports of his demise were greatly exaggerated. Because Mikey P was back in Week 17, and he was BOOMIN. His second contender for Punt of the Week (Q3, 08:27) was a 47 yard beauty which was batted back at the goal line by DeAndrew White who had scrambled downfield to down the punt. The only problem was he scrambled most of the way there with his ass out of bounds so his intervention was ruled Illegal Touching and instead of a punt to the one yard line, we had a Touchback. Poor Michael. By this point though it was shits and giggles for Mike, as the Punt of the Week award was already in the bag. Just five minutes earlier (Q3, 13:14) Palardy had pinged a 41 yarder to the most coffiney of coffin corners – 6 inches out of bounds at the 1 yard line. It was so close to staying in play that it actually bounced back in bounds and into the end zone and the line judge was signalling touchback until he was forcefully remonstrated with by one of the Panthers special teamers pointing enthusiastically at the giant blazing crater in the ground that Palardy's fireball had made. The direction was superb. The distance was sublime. The 98% of Available Field Covered was sensational. I loved everything about it. But best of all, Palardys nose for the red-zone (is it the red zone when youre kicking it away? IDK) gave him 57% In20 (even with his unfortunate touchback) on the day, helping him scrape himself off the bottom of the Punt Rank table just in time. 31st of 32 baby! Thats the Panther spirit! 2019 Season Round Up (with Charts. If youve managed to read this far, Im so so sorry, but well done. You made it to the juicy bit, the promised land, the season round up. Who the hell won this shit, and why are we doing this anyway (disclaimer: not all questions may be answered. Without further ado. 2019 Punt Rank: Week 17 and FINAL Standings The winner… Unbelievably, its Bryan Fucking Anger (HOU. Anger, who after seven seasons in the league was now nowhere NEAR an NFL Roster in September (having been cast aside by the Bucs for younger and much less bald Bradley Pinion. Somehow though, the shiny-headed one wrangled himself into a three year, 8m contract in Houston after just two weeks of Trevor Daniel. And boy did he utterly and inexplicably turn out to be worth it. His Punt Rank stats: 2nd in Net Yards (44. 5) NB: 7th in Gross Yards (46. 5) – not included in Punt Rank] 1st in% Inside 20 (53. 3% – by the way, the fourth best In20% of the DECADE, just ahead of… Bryan Anger's 2016 season in 5th place with 52. 9. 13th in% Punts Returned (37. 8% 1st in% Gross Yards Lost (2. 5% 14th in Touchback% 4. 4. Overall Punt Rank Score of 4. 9. For those of you watching in black and white, that is some snazzy ass punting. With the exception of% Punts Returned, all of Angers metrics in 2019 were career bests. Talk about returning to the NFL with a Bang(er. Sorry. Those punt rankings in full (in chart form. 2019 Punt Rank - Overall Ranking As you can see from the chart above, there were two clear tiers at the top of the 2019 Punt Rank. Tier 1: Anger, Thomas Morstead (NO) and Brett Kern (TEN. Tier 2: Britton Colquitt (MIN) Logan Cooke (JAX) and Riley Dixon (NYG. All of these men had really impressive years and deserve your undying love and admiration until next season. After the top tiers though, its actually quite a long and evenly spread tail until we get to… The loser… NOT SO CLEVER NOW ARE YOU TAMPA? Bradley Pinion (TB) walked into that 11m contract with the Bucs fresh outta getting cut by San Francisco for a 27 year old rookie whos NOT EVEN AMERICAN (see below) and lo-and-behold preceded to wildly and comprehensively suck in all areas. 29th in Net Yards (38. 3) NB: 29th in Gross Yards (43. 2) – not included in Punt Rank] 29th in% Inside 20 (33. 3% 22nd in% Punts Returned (43. 9% 26th in% Gross Yards Lost (9. 0% 18th in Touchback% 5. 3. Overall Punt Rank Score of 26. 1. Bradley also managed to finish below Michael Palardy (CAR) who had THREE PUNTS RETURNED FOR TDs on the season, which is borderline miraculous. Speaking of miracles, contract wise there's nothing guaranteed for BP beyond 2020, so hes probably got one shot to get his shit together. But given that Matt Gay also comprehensively sucked this year, you might fancy that Bruce Arians is going to go and get himself a new punter and kicker (and Quarterback, and Running Back, and Tight End, and, and and and and and arggggggh me hearties were pirates. Sorry Tampa, but it's bad. Rookie Champion Great class of rookies in 2019! Jake Bailey (NE, 11th, score of 13. 8) has been fantastic and (without exaggeration) at times New Englands best offensive weapon. Jamie Gillan (CLE, 9th, 13. 6) has punted his wee Scottish heart out for a classically dysfunctional Browns organisation, and A. J. Cole (OAK, 25th, 20. 5) was at least an upgrade on Jonny Townsend, which is a relief because Ive seen corpses who are more dynamic than JT (may god rest his soul. But our Rookie Winner is everyones favourite Aussie Tackling and What Do You Mean Thats A Flag Ya Flamin Wombat Mitch Wishnowsky (SF) who finishes 7th overall with a Weighted Punk Rank of 12. 5. Good on ya, cobber. Bonus Chart! For those of you who like the visuals, here is the summary of all the Gross and Net Yardages, sorted by Net Yardage rank. Shout the heck out to Tress Way (WSH) with his league leading Gross Yards of 49. 6, which is the 4th highest average season this decade (and there's gold for you in the comments if you can tell me who had the highest. 2019 Punt Rank - Gross and Net Average Yards The End So that does it for 2019 guys. A big, big thank you to those who have read, commented, pointed out when I've made some really basic errors, and otherwise been involved. It's been a pleasure to be here with you every week to bring you all the stats and updates from the world of punting. And with 2019 Punt Rank in the bag, what's next? Well, I've got a decade worth of punting data downloaded and ready to go and some grand delusions about how interested people will be in it, so I'll see you in the offseason and we'll have a little dance shall we? Until then. Punt on.

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