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Hes Kobe. He lost some teeth. They went looking for teeth in the shoveled up snow during the next tv timeout. 😞. This ball knows where it's supposed to go lol. D Book = All-star.


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Movie Online Burns point de vue. Simmons a joke. Lindy Wilman's violent and jealous fiance Billy Stafford strangles her after she says she's leaving him. Billy should go straight to jail, except that his father is the ruthless and scheming detective inspector Ken Stafford who will do anything to stop his son being put away. Stafford tampers with the murder scene evidence so a jury can't be 100 per cent sure what happened and lets his son goes free. But Billy's reprieve doesn't last long. Soon after the verdict he's run over and killed in an eye-for-an-eye hit arranged by Lindy's outraged brother Jeremy. Jeremy and his family have their revenge and justice is served. Except the careless hitman has left clues which send Jeremy on the run from the murderous Inspector Stafford Watch Burns Point (2016) Movie Online for Free Burns Point (2016) Trailer Films similaires:.

That's a play they been workn on for some time now ! 🏒👉🙂👉🥅👍. Booker balling? Must be 2016-2017 again. Devin Booker. The newest NBA All-star. Wish he will be alright. We need pavelski. Movie Online Burns point acces. Movie Online Burns points de vente. This is super helpful, very nice of you to share your knowledge, much appreciated.

Hard to imagine Book has been in the game for 4yrs already & he's still just 23 & killing it

Thanks for this. hope to buy a yak soon.

Movie Online Burns point sur les. And embiid cried on his plane all the way home. Booker for MIP. Movie Online Burns point. The next superstar. SCOTT STERLING! Catlike face reflexes. It was a bright sunny day in Washington D. C. The wind was light, air was fresh, sky was blue with light wisps of clouds dotting the sky. People moving about carrying on with their daily lives. This soon would change. At approximately 1400, June 28th 2020 Darkness fell over the planet as thousands of ships warped in and surrounded the planet darkening the sky to a dull grey. NORAD moved immediately to DEFCON 1, the President of the United States and Cabinet, along with all other world leaders, followed emergency protocols to get them into bunkers preparing for an exctinction level event. Deep inside the Bunkers, The President on comms with the other world leaders discussed what was happening in orbit around the planet. A good majority of the other nations wanted to launch a first strike with everything they had; a Blitzkreig, launch half of their nuclear arsenal and obliterate the sudden foe. President Castile suggested not jumping to conclusions as we did not know their intentions. Whoever they were. He was drowned out by panic, other nations leaders getting their launch codes out and aiming everything they had toward the sky. The British prime minister came on commlink stating " We must act now before its too.... His commlink was interrupted. The communication link disconnected on all channels. A blank screen with the words "Acquring sattellite signal" for a few minutes, which seemed like hours to those present in the room The US team scurried around the room as IT specialists and Air Force chiefs of staff talked back and forth regarding the connection when they were interrupted. Abruptly with very high volume on all channels, all screens, every screen, every radio frequency, broadcasting in English was a figure. A blue ish tinted skin bipedal figure with a much larger upper body than lower. The figure had four arms, each hand contained two fingers with an opposible thumb. Scale of the figure was hard to make out from the screen. It identified itself as General Kaloxian of the Royal Batraxian Navy serving the planet of Batrax. " Greetings to all life on Earth, please do not panic, we mean you absolutely no harm. We are from the planet Batrax from the Andromeda galaxy. We seek you as allies in an intergalactic war against a species who is dead set on our extinction. We have intercepted your transmissions. We have seen your war propaganda of many mighty species who have been smited by your great military forces. I wish to meet with your leaders to discuss how you can help us defeat the Ormoath before they destroy us. " As quickly as they were interrupted, comms between world leaders came back online, a general look of confusion was on every single screen. President Castile would be the first to speak " As far as first contact goes, this is uhh interesting, anyone have any bright ideas on what war propaganda they are referring too? " Britains prime minister responded, "THATS YOUR QUESTION!? That was your takeaway, an alient fleet surrounds the planet and that was what you got from that, we're doomed! " Russia's Putin- " Relax, Russia will help these aliens in the conqest, i'm sure they can respond in kind to Russian's interest" After much discussion they agreed to Summit near the capital ship around Washington D. in 18 hours. The committee sent a message to the fleet on all channels, not knowing which ones were being monitored. " To General Kaloxian, The world leaders are ready to meet, we are underneath what we beleive is your capital ship. Please descend slowly and emerge from the ship unarmed and we can discuss" Within moments a small pod detached from the massive vessel in orbit and slowly descended down to the grounds in front of the Capitol. As it got closer, the scale became apparent. This transport was small. Not small spacecraft small but, borderline tiny. It was approximately the size of a large suitcase. The eight world leaders stood above with with their own presidential guards surrounding the small craft. A ramp opened and out walked the same figure General Kaloxian. It looked up and seemed unwavered by the massive size variance of the species. It spoke quite loudly given its size, asking where this discussion was to take place. President Castile offered the Cabinet room, the other leaders agreed it would suffice. Inside the Cabinet room, the leaders sat in chairs while General Kaloxian was walking around on the table. He had brought a projection orb which generated a 3D map of his system, the planets the Ormoath had capured and far off the distance was the blue spec of Earth. Kaloxian described the Ormoath as a small eight legged creatures with spacecraft that did not posess FTL capability. The Ormoath was a swarm species, they land, swarm, overwhelm repopulate and consume planets. The Batraxian people had FTL drives and thats how they were able to get to Earth to summon help. President Castile asked his burning question, "what propaganda did you intercept" Kaloxian- "Ah yes, your greatest victories of course. Independence Day, Starship Troopers. We know the species that you faught and repelled and they are truly vicious. This is why we know you can obliterate the Ormoath. " Silence fell on the entire room, a long undisturbed silence. Chuckles, and finally full on laughter and the sheer lunacy of the occurance. The leaders talking amongst themselves. Putin, "so they intercept hollywood, and now we can save them, Castile you need to explain fiction my friend" Castile spoke as his laughter subsided; "General Kaloxian I don't know how to do this delicately so I will just come out and say it, what you have seen is complete fiction, none of that is real. It never happened. You are the first contact we've ever had with another species from another planet. I hate to break it to you, but I don't know how much help we can be, We haven't even left our own solar system. General Kaloxian seemed to take this in stride. " I see, that is interesting and certainly something we considered until we saw these pieces featuring species we knew, we disregarded Star Trek and Star wars due to their species content that simply does not exist in our galactic records. If what you say is true, then it is by some true coincidence that these species you say you made up also exist in reality. That said, I do still feel you can be of assistance. You clearly have seen the size difference in our species, and I metioned the Omoarth are small. By your units of measurement the average diamter is one centimeter. Do not underestimate them. They carry plasma based weapons, are fast and will swarm soldiers to their death. It is our belief that as Batraxians that humans hatred towards "bugs" makes you excellent allies against the Omaorth. We do not have rules of war. We wish to survive and save our homeworlds from extinction. " President Castile, " We have no spacefaring ships, we have no trained soldiers for this, we do not know the atmospheric conditions of these planets. We do not have... " Castile was interrupped by Putin " Little man, My country will help you. You get my soldiers there and we will slaughter your enemy, we require a share of technology so that we get these FTL drives, do you agree? " China's Xiao not wanting to miss an opportunity, "We also pledge our soldiers to you for technologiy sharing" Castile finding his voice again, "Alright lets take a vote? Shall we; all in favor of... " A Unamimous yes heard before he even finished. "Alright General Kaloxian, how many human soldiers can you fit onto your ships given our size" asked President Castile. Kaloxian "We can fit two soldiers with gear per ship in their cargo bays. Our homeworlds have similar atmospheric conditions, gravity is a little weaker air is slightly more acidic. Nothing you cannot handle. We have 8300 ships in orbit. We request 16, 600 soldiers to ready for battle immediately. " Each Nation asked for Volunteers from its Militaries, there was overwhelming support and a list of volunteers that greatly exceeded the small number that would fit on the ships. Each soldier selected was from their nations Special Operations unit. They would be able to choose their own kit, weapons and rations. There was no indication any of them would come home after facing the Ormoath. As the soldiers got ready, the Batraxian Navy began to lower ships down to earth to load their precious to the size of the cargo containment area, the soldier pairs were laid down and given a sedative for their 18 hour journey in to the unknown war zone. The Batraxian Navy warped into Batraxian space and began to land, from orbit the planet was burning, huge plumes of smoke were creating their own weather patterns as they grew and consumed more of the planet. The ships descended towards the Stronghold they had against the Omoarth. This was their last stand. The last few million of their species holding against the swarm of the Omoarth. The Human soldiers were air dropped onto the front line with parachutes modified to function in the Batraxian Air as it was thinner than Earths. The first to land was Green Beret Cross. He got his bearings, detached his chute and saw what looked like an amorphous black blob headed his direction, being hit by explosions throwing shrapnel and reforming. It reminded him of a Terminator movie. It was approximately half a mile away. Airborne troops continued to land around him and assess the very same blob of black, akin to a massive black wave in the ocean. An obsidian Tsunami. Cross looked at his standard kit, M4 Battle rifle, M9 sidearm, hand grenades. It was in that exact moment thatt he was faced with the reality of how illequipt earth was for facing an enemy of this nature, we should have prepped for this he though almost laughing out loud. He wasn't sure what any of this was going to do against this type of enemy. Cross shook the poorly timed joke from his mind as an Omaorth scout leading the charge scuttled up to Green Beret Cross and fired at him with the plasma tips bionically attached to its legs. Cross heard a small crackling from below him and looked down. He saw what looked like a common house spider in America, that happened to be firing plasma balls at his boot. He bent over and reached down and grabbed it gently between his thumb and forefinger. It struggled against him and shot plasma balls at his fingers, stinging a bit but doing no real harm. He spoke to it, wondering if it understood english. " Hey little guy, so your whats all the fuss is about? You don't seem so threatening to me. " The scout replied " Do not fear but one of us, fear the swarm" It pointed at the black wave that was now within basic eyesight, 2, 500 or so yards away. Cross spoke again to the scout, "alright little guy, here's the thing, I brought a rifle; for big targets like me, The brought flamethrowers, turns out they really hate bugs. " He flicked the scout out of his grasp, it's small body exploding at the force exerted from the fingernail hitting its body. Cross called on all channels. " This is Captain Cross of the United States Green Berets, we are fighting an enemy called the Omoarth, they are a swarm of common house spiders with advanced tech, this tech so far is harmless against us. However, that black wave of them will overwhelm us. To those of you who brought area of effect weapons, artillery, flamethrowers, claymores and others, we need you to hold the front line. The rest of us will support with hand grenades. Put down your battle rifles, this enemy is too small for the effective use of those weapons. Form a line on the ridge in front of us. Let them come to us, and lets burn some bugs! " A massive cheer was sounded as every callsign responded in unison. They formed the line. Set up mines, mortars in the back, flamethrowers in the front. The black wave of he Omoarth swarm grew closer and in turn revealed its scale. It had to be half a mile wide and several hundred yards tall. When it got within 400 yards, the mortar teams got the signal to fire. The echoes of the foomps of the shells leaving the tubes carried across the valley, followed by a still and a silence in the air. The front line watched as they first mortar hit volley hit, giant concussive waves ripped through the black cloud leaving temporary craters in its shape. The cloud reformed and now pressed on with more speed. The mortar teams adjusted angle, and now the 40mm teams were also within range. The firing line sounded like strands of firecrackers the frequency at which 40mm grenades and mortars were being fired, as fast as they could be reloaded they were fired again until their ammunition stores were exhausted. The Black cloud had been halved but it still pressed on under the barrage, east blast consuming hundreds of thousands of Omoarth in the shockwave and fire. The Omoarth swarm began to hum a low resonant frequency and started to form a narrow column facing the front line. The swarm had learned that large broadside attack was too easy of a target to hit. The Human front line condensed into a firing line half its original size. 16, 000 soldiers all shrank together into a line a quarter mile across. The Omoarth's new orientation made battle rifles viable, a rifle round would sail through hundreds or more before being slowed down. The swirling spiraling column of Omoarth bared down on the Human line, the soldiers opened fire, there was no need for semi-auto control. Magazines were emptied, thousands of rounds were fired into the black column, it weakened but continued to gain ground, showing no signs of stopping. Captain Cross again came across all channels. " This is Captain Cross, set your trip wires, ready your hand grenades, fall in to a circle when the line is pushed, and to my German friends. I sincerely hope you've upgraded those flamethrowers since World War Two. This is our last stand and if we fail, this planet falls with us. They called for aid, we answered, do not let their faith in us go misplaced. The strength of humanity is in us working together. " The Omoarth were now within 50 yards, The first wave of claymores detonated, shaking the entire line with its concussive force. This dealt a huge blow to the remaining Omoarth, which now spread out and began to start to flank the sides of the line. The Human line collapsed on itself as intended, soldiers throwing all their hand grenades behind them blasting more of their enemy as they retreated. Rifles were empty, grenades were gone, claymores had fired. Every last projective had been fired. German Commander Rolf Eisenbracht called for his Flammenwerfer to move to the front of the newly collapsed troop line. 600 Flammenwerfer rose and stood at attention and moved stoicly to the edge of the line. The Omoarth were almost in range, they had to wait until they were within 10 yards to maximize the burn. The waiting seemed like an eternity, The Batraxian Navy watching believing their saviors had failed and were about to be overrun. The remainder of the Omoarth swarm rose to stand 10 feet tall and closed in completely surrounding the Humans. Eisenbracht continued to command to hold, until they were close enough. Hold. The Omoarth now within range of their plasma tips fired hundreds of thousands of orbs which join together like rain droplets to form larger orbs. The first of these large orbs hit a retreating Russian solider and promptly exploded. This is what the swarm is capable of when within range. Eisenbracht seeing this soldier sublimated into liquid was the breaking point, he ordered as loud as he could muster, "FEUER! " The encircled line erupted with streams of red hot flame jutting outward from the center. Turns out, when you roast the Omoarth, they pop like popcorn. The roar of popping was all anyone could hear as the Flammenwerfer's continued to dispense liquid burning hatred. The Omoarth tried to climb over the flames and jump into the middle, Eisenbracht seeing this called for half of his Flammenwerfers to adjust angle upward. From above as the Batraxian navy oberseved, a spherical ball of fire erupted spreading outward and upward, for two full minutes the Flammenwerfer's burned unable to see past their flames if their job had been completed, just as oxygen was starting to run low in the circle from the flames using it all, the tanks began to dry up, almost as soon as it started the Flammenwerfers were out of fuel. What was left burning around them smoldered, some popping still being heard as the wave of heat started to disperse. Soldiers stood up from the line, looking through the heat mirage still present. A once bright beautiful valley of life and living plants and trees was now brown and black from detonations of artillery, scorched earth from flame and the dead Omoarth in piles. As the soldiers got up out of their entrenchment they saw retreating surviving Omoarth, hundreds if not a few thousand scuttling away. One soldier called up to Captain Cross, "Orders sir? " Cross- " Kill them all " Ten or more of the Omoarth together makes a plasma orb comparable to a 9mm. They ran and chased and stomped out the remaining Omoarth like small children jumping in rain puddles. Satisfied they got them all, they slowly walked back to their fellow soldiers. They began to march towards the city of Batrax Prime, the capital city contained all the elders, templars and the Supreme Leader. General Kaloxian was waiting on the inside of the gate for the Human army to enter so he could personally thank them before the Supreme Leader came out. General Kaloxian was on a flying platform that allowed him to be at approximate eye level with the Humans. As they all filed into the capital and began to form lines and columns according to country of origin. The Soldiers stood at attention, their commanding officers ahead of each group. Captain Cross in the center in front of them all. Up Above the Batraxian Navy flying over head in celebration of the glorious victory, showered the capital in flower petals of a silver color, the had the texture of rose petals but were silver like foil and reflective, they glimmered in the light from the planets three suns as they gently fell to the ground. The Supreme Leader was brought out on his own floating platform, his crusted in gold and gems, he had golden robes with bright blue accents, he had long flowing white hair and a beard to match, his eyes sunk into his face from age. He addressed the Human army. "Brave soldiers, I am the Supreme Leader Of Batrax, I am the leader of our species, It is with great honor and selflessness that your Army fought for a species you did not know a short time ago. Who among you is your leader? " Captain Cross Stepped forward. "Supreme Leader, I am Captain Cross of the United States Army Green Beret's I am the assigned leader of this coalition" Supreme Leader responded, "Captain Cross is that right? Please tell me, why is it that your people rose to battle, called to arms to fight a species you did not know? " Cross, "A wise man named Wayne once told me. When a friend ask's for help, ya help em. You asked for help with a scrap you got yourselves into and we are pretty good at scrappin so we came to help. " Supreme Leader "It has been a great honor to watch you, our new allies fight our sworn enemy down to the last one, we will honor our trade agreement set by General Kaloxian, we will share what we know of the Galaxy and its systems and its technology, but you must share with us your weapons. We have never seen such effective weapons against the Omoarth" Cross chuckled, "If we knew we were fighting bugs we would have brought cans of Raid" The human troops all chuckled in unison. Supreme leader "Raid? Is this some kind of superweapon? " Cross " kind of its a contact poison that kills bugs like your Omoarth, we will send some back with you when you take us home". The Human army was loaded back onto the ships they came in, one KIA and a few minor wounded would all return. 18 hours of flight time and the ships were landing on Earth. Earth's leaders were desperate to know what transpired. Did this enemy pose a threat to Humanity. A press conference was held. Captain Cross the centerpiece. Reporters questioned, "What did you find over there, what did you fight against? " Cross- "Basically tech enabled spiders, like one inch diameter sized. There were millions of them, we blew them up, but really the German Flamethrowers deserve all the accolades. " Reporter- "You had one casualty, what happened? " "Turns out when the little guys plasma tipped legs fire in unison with each other the more plasma orbs that connect the stronger it gets, we did not know this as the first one I encountered on its own fired at my hand point blank and barely singed the hairs, I thank Comrade Olshavesk for his sacrifice, he will be missed by all of us. " "What did you promise them in return, they offered us tech, what did they get in return? " "They are getting scaled down flamethrowers, cans of Raid and converted 40mm grenade launchers into mortars, they are too small of a species to move regular mortars. " "Raid? " "Yes, the poison, again, we were fighting spiders, will it work, I don't know but its whole lot less destructive than what we just did. " Press Core " No more questions, Captain Cross has had a long and arduous journey, We have an ally in the stars that is forever in our debt, they have given us the key to explore the universe, may we find more allies like them" Comments, tips and such are welcome. Thanks for Reading!

Mon pleassure. Movie online burns point blank.

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