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Just like a usual 2 hour daily TV soap that flows without irritating much and ends. Music Rating: 2.


Honestly, the trailer did put some interest to my excitement for this film making me think that this could be the comeback for Sonakshi Sinha. But when I saw this, I felt like y expectations just went down the drain. Direction Rating: 2. Acting Rating: 2 Sonakshi Sinha: 2 Purab Kohli: 2 Suchitra Pillai: 2 Kanan Gill: 3 Manish Chaudhary: 3. Editing: 2. Storyline Rating: 2. Journalism can be an evil activity as long as you know when it is the right time to expose somebody. So basically this is true story based movie but with a different name and city.

Cinematography: 2.










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