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Hey everyone! I used to be the Mordekaiser bug catcher before Riot took away that job, and today, for once, Im here to talk about a topic that some people care about. Weve seen countless posts complaining about “the state of the client”, most of the time without being any less vague than this, so, Ill try to describe everything thats wrong, as well as how, whenever thats possible – both bugs, and things that I see as just being bad. Numbers-wise, length-wise, this list will be shorter than the others. That is for a few reasons – Im grouping more things together, going faster over some, skipping lots of the less important things, and Ive had less time to do this list than any other, so Ill naturally forget some things. Besides, Ive also discovered the existence of this skill called conciseness, and am attempting to give it a shot and assimilate it, as this very sentence should be a good enough proof of. Note that I am only covering the bugs that I have seen myself, and as the client has shown since its creation, not everyone gets the same problems. New things are labelled as new (who would have thought) with "new" meaning anything from the past year. Without further ado, lets jump into it! Part I: Bugs 1) Friends list 1. a) New] Ill start with a pair of bugs that might have been hotfixed, as I havent seen them today or yesterday. Still putting them here in case, as these were among the biggest. Finishing a game would still show you as in game until you would leave the party you were in. This would carry through between games so long as youd stay in the party. Additionally, creating a game would show you in blue as if you were in queue/game, thus removing you from the list of people who can be invited. Screenshot 1. b) New] Sometimes most friends list functions just stop working, until you restart. Problem is that I dont know how or why that happens, but I know other people have it more consistently than I do. Anyway, when this happens, you cant invite people (through right clicking or the invite menu) cant look at their profiles, watch their game, send them a gift, or invite them to a club. c) New] People have their “profile overview” be empty and with a blank icon if they havent logged in since youve gone online. In that case, you also cant view their profile, invite/nominate them to groups, and the grayed “Send gift” button is missing as well. Thats similar to 1. c, but 1. c doesnt depend on people being offline, so I dont think that brings much. d) New] There is no longer a button to create a new chat while in champ select. Meaning that in champ select, you can only message people that you already had a chat open with. This is the way the new client used to be on launch, they quickly added the button, and now its gone again. 1. e) If someone invites you while you already have an invitation pending, the second one will not play a sound notification. 2) Chats 2. a) New] Receiving a message plays a sound notification, but the client icon in the taskbar will not be highlighted in orange. 2. b) New] When receiving a message, the message will refuse to be shown as read until you answer or until two minutes pass. c) Typing a message in the chat will not expand the size of the typing chat box as the message goes onto more than one line, preventing you from reading what you wrote before. Screenshot - Note: This used to work fine, even in this client. d) You cant copy-paste a chat in a readable format, since a chat will be like this: Person A: Message 1 Person B: Message 2 Person B: Message 3 Person A: Message 4 Person B: Message 5 And the pasted version will be like that: Message 1 Message 2 Message 3 Message 4 Message 5 This is a downgrade of the old client that would show the name of the person before every message, as well as the time stamp. e) If your connection cuts for a few seconds, any message sent or received during that time will not actually be sent/received, and you wont have any way to know it. (Chats on other games or programs would instead have the message as pending until it can be properly delivered. 2. f) New] Once again if your connection cuts for a few seconds, you will sometimes receive a new notification for a message that you received earlier on the same day. That part here isnt new. Whats new, however, is the fact that since this patch, this notification will also appear in the ingame chat (the previously received message will appear as a message just received in yellow in the chat. 3) Pre- and post-game lobbies, and missions 3. a) Trades in ARAM. I forgot to put that in until the very end, because I even ended up seeing this as a normal thing, due to it happening all the time. Which… is not a good thing to say. Either way, lets say you try to trade with someone, or someone tries to trade with you. First of all, the trade interface is half black and has been for months. Whenever someone rerolls a champion, trades with someone else, or trades with the bench, your pending trade will “reset”: the timer will go back to full, and the trading sound will play once more. 3. b) New] In the post-game lobby, everyone is grayed out as if they had left the lobby. Screenshot 3. c) New. When finishing a game and clearing a mission, you land on a screen reading “x missions completed. y new missions added. ” That y still shows a completely random number, such as 30 missions added. This happened a while back, got fixed, and now happens again. d) New] Dodging a few seconds before a game starts supposedly doesnt go through. Supposedly, as Ive never tried. e) New] The invite list shows people in a random order in each group, instead of them being sorted in alphabetical/status order as they are in the client. The groups are also always in alphabetical order, regardless of how youve ordered them yourself. f) New] First win rewards can come out at random times, hours after any game. 4) Profile and collection 4. a) New] Stats are just wrong and miss plenty of games. The stats on my second account say that I have played 14 games as top lane Leona in season 2019. In reality, according to the official match history, Ive played her top lane 33 times in 2019 (all of them being in preseason 10. Where the other 19 went, that Ill never know. 4. b) Match history often misses the exp gained, the grade, or both. Screenshot 1 / Screenshot 2 4. c) New] In the Ranked tab, normally speaking, youre able to view your rank in each queue as well as the top players of each queue. Being currently unranked in everything, I have access to my rank in solo queue and flex, and to the top players in solo queue, flex… and TFT. There should also be a tab for my TFT rank/league. d) New] In the Item sets, about half of the items can only be hovered once (Hovering over an item gives you its detailed information, doing it a second time will not show anything – for half of the items, arbitrarily – until you exit the item set and load it again. e) New] The thumbs up emote tends to just not appear. Screenshot 5) Clubs 5. a) New] Any muted clubs get unmuted every time you log in. 5. b) New] Closing a club chat can cause it to completely bug. If that happens: The club chat will re-open every time its closed. Video Going on the club chat after closing it will put an “undefined” message in your chat bar. Screenshot You will be the only member shown online in the club. Screenshot Any newly opened chat will go over the club chat… in the space thats normally for clubs only. Screenshot 5. c) New] When receiving a club message, the message will refuse to be shown as read until you answer. No matter how long you wait. d) New] Leaving a club makes all chat features die, and you have to restart the client to fix that - nothing else will work. You wont be able to send messages, open a new chat, switch to another chat, close the chats… 5. e) Most of the time, club messages arent going to highlight the League icon in your taskbar, because they shouldnt. But a club message in a then-inactive club will. f) Muted clubs still play a sound whenever one of their members logs in or out, if you have the club open. g) Clicking “Show this club tag” while you have a club invite pending (and dismissed in the notifications) will give you the notification for the invite again. h) New] This is what you see in the club chat when logging in. 6) Custom games This is going to group both bugs and non-bugs, because I dont want to make two categories for that one. Custom games feel like theyre stuck to where the client used to be years ago, and didnt receive any of the features that the lobby/champ select for the other modes got. Oh, and custom games are also in a worse state than they used to be on the old client, for this one reason: 6. a) We cannot play RGMs in customs. The old client always allowed it, and the “improved” one still hasnt received it. After more than three years. 6. b) You cant check anyones profile from a custom lobby, the only option for that is to go in Profile and manually type their name. Good luck with special characters. c) Custom games do not have League voice. In the mode where youre technically always with premades. Custom games are also where even Leagues official tournaments are hosted, so that makes little sense. d) Trying to reinvite someone who was kicked will not send an invitation. In order to have someone who was kicked rejoin, you have no other option but to create another game and redo everything. e) Cant hover champions in champ select (that will display an error message. f) There is also no skin display in champ select. g) The rank displayed in the lobby is random at best. It seems like most of the time, when you enter the lobby, your highest rank will be shown, but then it can switch at any time to your solo queue rank, or to any other rank at random without it being either your solo queue rank or your highest rank. h) On top of that, frequently, someone in the lobby will be shown as having the rank, ranked wins, and icon of another person from the lobby. i) If you switch into spectator as the owner of the lobby, youll lose your owner rights and theyll be transferred to the next person who joined. I dont see any plus side to that, it just makes the organization messier. j) It would be about time we got another way to reorder the teams other than having everyone go to spectate one by one in a specific order. Especially when playing scrims where one team asks for spectate to be disabled, in which case you actually need to have people leave the lobby and rejoin it in order to change the pick order. k) Passwords are the only way to make a game invite-only, since the client doesnt offer any other. However, when someone is invited to a game with a password, they wont have access to the chat (and also wont have any way to type the password anywhere to be granted access to that chat. l) Just like how the chat box stays small when you type a long message, since the same patch as the one when this issue started happening, the box to choose bots to add in custom games has also been reduced by a lot. Instead of displaying somewhere between 6 and 8 bots, its now only long enough to display 4. 7) Others 7. a) The inactivity notification starts displaying random numbers once the deadline gets near. Such as saying that you need to play within one day, and a few hours later reading that you have 2 days left to deal with your inactivity. 7. b) The server status notifications arent guaranteed to update/refresh if you dont restart your client. I can see how disabled the practice tool was. Part II: The other issues of the client Im gonna make this part shorter, partly because Im tired of saying the same things on 4 different buglists. 1) New] The champion list in the collection tab… Instead of saying anything, Ill just link you to my comments on it from when this tab was changed, last Summer. Exact same problems now. a) New] Inactivity. Inactivity is always toggled off during preseason, and you will not lose LP for not playing rankeds during the preseason. Therefore, each previous year, the inactivity notification was disabled during that time period. Not this year. Why? Because inactivity was still on for TFT, as there was no TFT preseason. For this reason, they left the inactivity notification up for every queue. Each notification saying youre at risk of losing LP. Which you were not. Simply because of being too lazy to separate them. b) I appreciate Riot wanting to let us know that were gonna lose LP for inactivity ahead, and to ensure that we dont forget. But getting one notification, per queue, each time you log in, for 10 days before you actually lose LP… thats a bit much. It could already go down to once a day rather than once each time you log in, with up to 4 (now 3) pop-ups to dismiss. 3) Sorting chromas in the shop. There is no reason for chromas to not be filterable/sortable the same way skins are. Where is the “Champion owned” toggle? And “Skin owned”? 4) Compare the gift notification now, to what it used to be on the old client. No more big fancy chest popping up, only a small dot on a bell in the corner of the client. And instead of waiting for your friend to be on the client and be happy that they received something, you wait for them to eventually notice three days later that they had actually received a birthday gift. Or well, something that was sent as a birthday gift. 5) Stats – why cant we group all games together in the stats, instead of having to pick one queue? 6) The loot is still as slow as always, with no option to disable its animations or to trade several event tokens at once (for blue essence. Lets say you have 8 event tokens remaining, each converting to 10 blue essence. You cant “use 10 to get 100 blue essence”, as you only have 8. So you have to click on your tokens, scroll all the way down the list of options, trade it, wait for the animation, click on the tokens, scroll all the way down the list of options again… and so on. 7) We still cant see peoples status in the list of chats. The legacy client had that. At some point, it went down for maybe a week or so, and it was also bugged during the infamous 6. 9 patch that killed the entire client. It was easy to feel how inconvenient it was. One day, Riot tried to put that on the new client. But they didnt do that properly, as youd see everyone status in the list of chats… as offline. That makes me wonder if its actually a design choice, or if its just Riot saying that they arent managing to do it. 8) Clubs. a) If you leave a club chat open, youll get a sound every time someone from the club logs in or out. That is, whenever someone from the club logs in, someone from the club logs out, someone from the club closes the club chat. That sound is exactly the same as the sound of a club message. For this very reason, its annoying to leave the club chat open. 8. b) The club chat has a very poor size optimization, with every message taking a good part of the height of the chat window due to the blank space between two messages and to the low maximum width of a message. If you use the default chat size, only three messages can usually be displayed at once. Screenshot 8. c) You can no longer have interactions with other club members, as you cant click on their name. This means: You cant open private chats with other club members. You cant invite club members to games. You cant view the profile of club members. You cant copy their names to paste it to look at their profile (for the people using special characters. d) The “Message of the day” is inexistent now. It can only be seen through the Clubs tag of the profile, which nobody ever goes on, as opposed to the previous client that had it shown right next to the clubs name upon opening the club. e) You cant see the list of members without hiding the club chat. That doesnt sound too bad at first, but in practice, where I used to always know the name of every single member of all of my clubs, now I pretty much have no clue about it, because I never have that list of members there to see anymore. f) Going with the previous point, you no longer passively see which of the club members are online/available, and which ones are in game. Reminder that the original point of clubs was to play with friends. g) You can also not see the actual status of club members, beyond just the color of the status (so, no difference between In Queue/In CS/In Game, or Online/Creating game. That one isnt exactly a clear downgrade from the legacy client, as the latter was supposed to provide that, but would only do it for your friends among the club members, and wouldnt display anything for the others. h) Offline friends dont have their tag displayed in your friends list. Alright, there it is. I left many things out (though I got all of the non-minor things, besides the ones I havent seen myself, the ones I forgot, and the ones I got so used to that they didnt even come to mind – which should, indeed, simply be counted among the ones I forgot. If the quality felt lower than usual, that's normal, I couldn't invest as much time into it this time around, both for the research and for the writing, and tried to do my best given the circumstances. I hope that was a nice read, for the two of you who got there without skipping, and, that'll be it for me! Edit: Just realized that I forgot something that had been on my mind for a while, something major enough to warrant going in there. If your server is down, if the autologin is enabled, you cannot change the region to play on another server that isn't down. Because the client will try to log you in, tell you that it doesn't work, and shut down, without ever giving you the opportunity to switch servers, towards a server that isn't down. TLDR.

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Fav ko to ganda talaga ng voice ang hot ni nadz sa araneta nung kinakanta niya to. I wouldn& 39;t go in there philippines haunted hospital. Weehoo i-go. How do i go about selling my house. It was the summer of 2016 and I had just married my long time girlfriend. Over the course of our 12 year relationship we had travelled to the mountains several times in both summer and winter for camping but also to stay in nice mountain hotels and snowboard the slopes. Naturally, we both agreed this was how we wanted to spend the first few weeks of our marriage. We booked a 20 day stay at a mountainside campground on the other side of the country. We also decided to bring our dogs with us as they too love being outdoors and we generally bring them camping anyway. After two days of road tripping we had arrived, quickly set-up and settled in for a good long stay on the mountain. It was beautiful. A couple of days into our trip and we had already met a bunch of fellow campers. We are very experienced campers so we generally attract a lot of attention from novice campers asking for tools or supplies as they see we are well set up. We are usually more than happy to help people get situated if they need matches, cream or sugar, or help setting up their equipment. It was day four or five when “she” first made her presence known to us. I will refer to this person as “she” or “her” as we never learned her name. We were sitting down under the shade of the large pine tree at the edge of our site, drinking beers and playing cards when she seemingly appeared out of no where. She was just suddenly right there! “Can I pet your dog? ” she said. Even my dogs didnt see her approach as the very sound of her voice triggered them into a startled frenzy. As the dogs were worked up already, I politely told her no. Then she just stood there, at the edge of our site. Didnt say a word. Just stood there sort of existing but not really doing anything. She wasnt exactly staring at us or looking at anything in particular. I asked her if she needed anything and she said no. After a few minutes she walked off. I work with people with brain injuries so Ive had my fair share of experiences with unusual behaviours including people with poor social skills so I wasnt about to write this person off as creepy just yet, but she had my attention. I casually watched her walk off and enter a campsite across the path and a few sites down from ours. There was already a small tent setup in the site, but she proceeded to pull an even smaller single person tent from her backpack and began setting it up. The day prior we saw two young girls set up the other tent and were clearly the occupants of the site. There was no further interaction with “her” that day although we did notice that the owners of the other tent on the site were not around at all that day and we didnt see them return that night. Well, the next morning I am walking to the camp showers to clean up for the day. As I walk past her site, I see she is sitting in her little tent reading a book. The door to the tent is open. I pay no attention and keep on my way to take my shower. When Im done my shower and walking back I notice her tent is now closed but its jiggling about so I know someone is in there. Then she made her presence known in a big way. Just as I am approaching her site on the way to mine, she unzips her tent and I immediately see that she is completely nude. She then positions herself just inside the tent at the door and lets out this over the top full body stretch and held her arms way up the sky while pushing her chest forward like it was some kind of mating ritual designed just for me. While she does this she lets out what I only describe as an exotic moan. It was pretty obvious she was putting on a show for me. I continue on my way to my site and tell my wife about the display I had just been witness too. We both laughed it off and moved on with our plans to day hike a good trail to a waterfall. The trailhead for this hike was accessible from the campgrounds so we didnt have to drive to get there. We just walked the additional two kilometres to the trail. We walked at a good pace so when we got to the trail we decided to stop for a few minutes and take some photos of the surrounding mountains before heading into the thicker bush. After sitting there for maybe five minutes while my wife is taking pictures, “she” emerges from the trail that leads towards the campground. At first I thought, ok coincidence, shes staying here and this is a pretty common trail. But then she sees that I see her and she stops dead in her tracks and just stands there. Same demeanour as our first encounter. Just standing, not doing anything in particular but also sending creep vibes our way. This was the first time I said to my wife, “I think we have a stalker! ” Confused, my wife then looks to where Im looking and is immediately a little creeped out. Once again I think, whatever maybe shes just hiking the trail no big deal. So we continue on the trail at a good pace and she maintains a consistent distance behind us. Our dogs at this point are a little distracted by her and our youngest dog keeps turning around to watch her. I got a little fed up with the dog constantly stopping to look back so I decided we will stop for some water and let this woman pass. Well what does she do, but fucking stop walking when we stop and once again just stands there. Ok so now we are genuinely concerned because this is approaching horror / suspense movie creep level and I start to wonder what this girls intentions are. Standing motionless at that distance and refusing to pass us just ramped up the oh shit factor to about nine. So my wife and I agree to just giver and cut the hike short by taking the shorter loop which was only another half kilometre ahead, and head back to our camp. We managed to get some distance between us by jogging every time we would make a turn and she was out of sight. We didnt see her again until later that night. That night my wife decided to take an evening shower at the camp showers. When she returned to our camp she tells me our stalker was in the bathrooms also taking a shower. This time however she was with two other girls and appeared to be getting ready for a night at the club. There is a nearby ski town that has a few night clubs and bars so it was reasonable to see the girls getting ready for a night out. The two girls she was with were the two we saw previously set up at her site. My wife explains that she quickly picked up on the fact that the two girls and our stalker friend were not well known to each other. It was clear that the two girls were close friends with plans to go out partying, and our stalker was making an attempt to be friends and sort of invited herself to join them in their night out. Now we know the ski town well, and the girls kept reinforcing that they were meeting at a specific restaurant before going to the bar. It was currently 10:30pm and we know the restaurant they were telling her to go to was closed at 10:00pm. They were lying to her about their plans. The stalker kept asking them too, “are you sure this place, are you sure? ” They convinced her, and she then left to her tent to finish getting ready while the two friends stayed in the bathroom to finish their makeup. My wife went on to explain how after “she” left the two friends were mocking and making fun of our stalker. They were young 20 somethings acting like little girls in elementary school. My wife has no time for that, creepy stalker or not she had to say something to the girls for their behaviour. My wife calls them out on their behaviour. Well, putting all the caddy bitch bullying aside, the girls explained to my wife that the stalker girl had set up her tent on their site when they were staying with a friend in the ski town. When they returned they found her living at their site without invitation. She had just taken it upon herself to take a little corner of their site without knowing them at all. The girls said they were upset with her and trying to make her feel uncomfortable so she would leave, but she wouldnt leave. Of course my wife asked them why they didnt just report her to the park warden. The excuse they gave was they were leaving the next day and didnt want to make a huge deal out it. So whatever happened between them and the fake late dinner plans and clubbing is unknown to us. About 3:00am that same night we are all awoken to a blood curdling scream right outside our camper. At first I was like “holy shit that must be a wild animal. ” My wife is trembling, dogs barking, and I am startled but curious. I peel back the window cover to see “her, ” standing motionless on the path outside our trailer. I had the window cover down maybe 8-10 centimetres when she appears to make direct eye contact with me. My heart rate is jacked. What the actual fuck. After gazing in my general direction for what seemed like an eternity, she calmly turns around and walks to her tent. I go make sure our trailer is locked. After a good hour, and a stiff whiskey we manage to get back to sleep. So the next day is a Friday we have friends from a nearby major city coming up the mountains to spend the weekend with us. We havent seen them in a while so we are excited for a couple days together. Well they are not at our site for 15 minutes, and as they are setting up their tent, “she” mysteriously appears out of nowhere yet again. Like bam there she is, but now this time she is actually in our site. I hadnt had a chance to tell our friends about her before she arrived so they were a little more friendly then I was. She asks me once again if she can pet my dog, who during all of this is barking at her. I think I said something like “she isnt being very friendly towards you right now so I would prefer if you didnt. ” She didnt pet my dog but she also just stood there starting at me like she was considering how she would dismember my limbs. “She” then notices our friends tent brand as he is still setting it up and comments on how its the same model as hers although a larger sleeping capacity. My buddy has picked up on the creep vibes and my general displeasure with her presence so just gives her the, “oh ya cool, ” and keeps setting it up. Well she starts grabbing at the tent pegs and picks up the hammer and says she will help him set it up cause she has experience with it. My buddy declines and asks for his tools back. Cue the fucking psychopath stare down but this time she has a hammer in hand, adding to the oh shit factor. She literally just drops everything right there and runs off. I go on to explain the last few days to our friends and they agree we need to keep an eye on her. So by this time the two girl friends whos site she had hijacked were packed up and gone. Its now Friday night and weve been drinking all day so were feeling pretty good. Its maybe about 11:00pm when “she” walks over to our site again. She says, “Hey, you guys seem to have a lot of extra room with the tent and the camper, do you think I could stay with you guys tonight? We could have a lot of fun in there together. ” My buddy is feeling pretty good from all the day beers so hes pretty forward when he replys, “ Did you just propose a gang bang to us? ” Now this whole time Im just sitting in my camp chair with my whiskey taking this all in. She wasnt really taking notice to me at all so far. Then, she smiles, turns her head and looks directly down at me and says, “I like your friend! ” She then turns around and walks away into the darkness of the night towards the forest. What! The! Fuck! We are all now terrified she is going to return. I decided right then and there if we see her again in a creepy fashion I am calling the park warden. This is getting silly. Well the night is winding down so we all decide to walk together to the bathrooms to clean up for bed. My wife pulls on my hoodie and says, “! ” I look over to see that the site she was setup on is completely destroyed. Shit everywhere. Just stuff, garbage, clothing, food. Everywhere. I thought ok this is weird, could this have been a bear. No we would have heard it. I then notice that the tent is gone. She is gone and left the site a complete mess. As luck would have it the park patrol was completing their fire rounds and were at the messed up site when we were returning from the bathrooms. We told them there was a girl staying on her who was acting erratic and we suspected she was squatting on the site based on our conversation with the two girls from earlier in the week. We didnt see her again for the rest of our trip until the last full day. There is a great little lookout point not far from our site which has amazing views of the river and valley below and it was a perfect evening to see the sunset behind the mountains! It was a lovely final send off to an otherwise beautiful honeymoon. Just when we thought we were done with “her” she emerged once again from seemingly nowhere. We were sitting on a couple chairs that are bolted in place at the viewpoint, taking pictures of the valley below. As my wife is looking throw the camera viewfinder she picks up on the woman in the distance. She is standing the in woods a little ways down mountain towards the valley. Watching us! As her final act, she walked up the mountainside, and sat right beside us on a boulder that was beside the chairs. She says nothing. Just sits there. My wife has the brilliant idea of asking me to take one last picture of the scenery and she gives me a little wink. I pick up on her idea right away and I position myself so this woman is going to be in the picture. My wife wanted this ladys photo in the event something bad happens with her before we can leave the area. We took our final looks out at the beautiful scenery and headed to our camp for the night. We didnt see or hear from “her” again. Upon reflection we agreed this woman had some serious mental health issues obviously. She had zero social skills, and we did witness her attempt to make friends with those two girls that shafted her in a terrible way. That being said, she did things way beyond the realm of acceptable social awkwardness. There were moments I though she would pull out a knife and kill us all where we stood. More than that, the stalking, the midnight screaming and running off into the woods at night was terrifying to us and I feel a story worthy of this sub. I do have the photo on a thumb drive somewhere and will see about uploading a pixelated photo if its appropriate. To anyone else the picture just looks like a person is sitting in the shot. But to us, its a reminder of our wild adventure and start of our amazing marriage. To our honeymoon Not Meet ever again! Edit: After much consideration I have decided to add the link to the photo! I didnt anticipate this post getting this amazing response. The discussions have been polarizing and I really appreciate the comments from both sides. Those that down right find this story unnerving and creepy, and those who feel I mishandled this by misinterpreting her intentions. I was apprehensive to post a photo as I dont like the idea of posting pictures online of a person I agree has some form of mental health issues. I dont want to exploit her afflictions, and its not my intention to shame her. That being said, a few factors influenced my decision to post the photo link. Namely, you cannot see her face or otherwise identify this individual by this photo. I also referenced the photo in the story and dont want to back-peddle on that after receiving so many requests for the photo. As I said, the photo is unremarkable and she looks like a typical mid 20s something. I have found it interesting that people will associate her behaviour with her appearance. If you were hoping for The Grudge meets The Ring, you will be disappointed. To us however, the normalcy of her appearance made her behaviour throughout the trip seem even more creepy. In a bold attempt not to disappoint, but also likely to offend some, I present to you. ”Her! ” ⬇️ The Picture.

Back in September 2008, my grandmother had a heart attack (you've read about her in this post, and this one) and had to be hospitalized. I had recently moved out of my parental home. My step brother too had moved out just a year earlier. When my dad and step mom were taking turns staying with her in the hospital, my paternal aunt would just drop in for a few minutes, make small talk and leave. She suggested that my dad should kill our dog Dennis. The reason she gave for this kick-in-the-ass worthy advice was that Dennis was a black dog and black dogs bring bad luck. (What The Actual Fuck. Her mother was obviously in the hospital because of the dog and certainly not because, in spite of being diabetic and having a high cholesterol, she refused to stop stuffing her face with fried junk. My dad of course, told her to shut her trap. Just a few days later, grandmonster kicked the proverbial bucket. Cue insane willing and crying from my aunt, while going on and on about how she "wouldn't have lost her mother, if only that damn dog had been put down. You may wonder why she was so obsessed with killing Dennis. It's because Dennis had never liked her or her husband and son. He would growl at them when they came near him. He was a smart dog and I guess he could sense what shit people they were. Dennis was a mongrel, 24 inches at the withers and weighed around 90 pounds. So of course when he growled, he appeared intimidating. She was also really jealous of him and always commented on how we were "wasting money" by feeding and caring for him well. Grandmonster's illness and subsequent death gave crazy aunt an opportunity to get revenge. I began to fear for Dennis as soon as I heard what that POS had said. Since my step brother couldn't make it, I decided to take time off work and go to my dad's place. This was mostly to watch over Dennis and make sure Aunt and her family didn't get a chance to harm him. My dad made arrangements for the funeral, talked to the priest etc, while step mom and I cooked and got the house ready. My aunt was there too, but mostly milking the occasion for attention and being a crying, wailing basket case. She was still going on about how the dog had brought bad luck. However, when my step mom told me to cook Dennis's chicken stew for him while she took a bath and got dressed, aunt began to act real "funny. She would hang around the kitchen and near the food, on the pretense of making small talk with me. I just gave her monosyllabic responses, hoping she would fuck off. Just as I got the stew off the burner, I heard my dad walk in through the front door. He called out to me (probably needed my help with something. I began walking towards the front gate in a hurry. However, as I reached the door, I was overcome with a horrible feeling. In my haste, I had left crazy aunt alone with Dennis's food. I ran back to the kitchen, with my dad asking me what the hell was wrong. I entered the kitchen to find that monumental cunt pouring some sort of white substance into Dennis's chicken stew. My father took it from my aunt's hands and instantly identified it as a kind of rat poison. I watched that substance get dissolved into the stew and disappear, leaving no trace of foul play. If aunt hadn't gotten caught, we would have surely lost our beloved family member. Aunt just stood there with a deer-in-headlights look on her face. I can't remember the last time I had seen my dad so angry. He told her she was to attend grandmonster's funeral and then never show him her face again, while I somehow overcame the urge to throttle her. My step mom too had joined us and was told what happened. Aunt somehow stammered that she was doing what was right for the family, repeating the nonsense about black dogs bringing bad luck. Of course, no one was having it. My uncle arrived shortly afterwards and in spite of being a grade A asshole himself, he did have the decency to look ashamed when he was told what his wife had tried to pull. My dad didn't speak to them for over 2 years. He only contacted them again when he found out that they were in a dire state financially. As for Dennis, the good boy lived a long and healthy life. He passed away last year at the age of 14, surrounded by those who truly loved him.

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I go electric scooter. Where can i go to get a free credit report. Where can i go to buy stocks. I wouldn& 39;t go in there wiki. I wouldn't go in there full episodes. This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast level 1 Home Tracks is one. level 1 has a decent list with maps so you can check out the area you are visiting. I can't remember if it has links to each tracks website or not though. Edit: moving not visiting level 1 there's so many tracks running local series not associated with NASCAR that it may be easier to mention what city you're going to, or just searching on Google and poking around. level 2 It still lists Texas World Speedway. Suddenly I'm sad. level 2 That list is missing a couple in Tennessee. Clarksville has been racing weekly for decades. I think Clayhill/Atwood is reopening again, and I think another one is reopening. Winchester is closing. Theyre tearing it down to become housing IIRC. level 2 It's not 100% accurate. It's missing at least Path Valley in PA. Sure it's not a big track and is hidden in the mountains but [it's big enough for Larson to find. level 1 There was a post on here a couple weeks ago that listed hundreds of tracks. level 2 Yeah that was a great one.

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