Free Dumb: The Story of Big Brother Magazine 2017 release eng sub No Sign Up mkv

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Always loved Anderson's part. YEAH DUDE. So. where's the guy with the skateboarders time marks? We need you hero. What song is that at 29:40. How is it they know him personally and they still say Mike Vallely name wrong. I need this soundtrack. @ 30:00 = What we, you & me, wish we could do! SS KF FS 5.0. Ave Maria. Probably the greatest skate documentary ever. Sweet heelflip at 4:18, I'm almost there. Steve-O Has his own youtube channle. This was excellent. I'm really disappointed to see that this film has basically no ratings. It's a must-see for any skater, Jackass fan, or someone simply interested in countercultures. On top of being hilarious and very entertaining, it works as an insightful exploration of how a small magazine essentially introduced a brand of humor to the eventual mainstream and secretly influenced a countless number of things. The people behind it, the controversies, how it evolved; its all very interesting. Especially considering that this was the 90's for god's sake. I'm really glad that a film was made about Big Brother, for it is definitely a worthy subject for a quality documentary. Now it just needs to be seen. Watch this fiiiiiilm.

R.I.P Ryan, you're the best man. Best soundtrack of any skate video. I remember I was 13 when this video was released. I got chills watch Koston noseslide down that spiral stair railing and I still do today. Amazing. ^ JORDANROMAKER. FIRST DOUBLE KICK = VISION. One of my fav skate vids. Fully Flared - Full Movie is now on EchoBoom Sports.


This was my first skate film. Ever. I miss this so much. The good old days.


Wait what? Interview was just about to start...



Free Dumb: The Story of Big Brother Magazine 2017 release eng sub No Sign Up mkv
3.6 stars - rhindesdera1989