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Every illegal activity? Including shooting laser at an incoming airplane. Please make another video. When you cheat on a hot guy with another hot guy. you realise you have a serious problem. When I was young this film along with Tales from the Hood scared the hell out of me. Kadeem Hardison was funny in this when he got scared at times. Especially at @ 1:02:43 lol. James Bond III did good directing this. RIP Bill Nunn. Welcome. Blasfemia. It should be called The perfect guy with quotation marks for sarcasm. I just saw someone post on another site that they didnt even chuckle and that this wasnt how anyone who has actually seen temptation did not ltao i sure i was done after some ni* a that dont nobody know & im gonna be limping down the street at the end of this movie for no reasons *tears.

Aleleuya. paw. Seems dumb and funny. i'm gonna watch it. This movie is indescribable. Some people just like batman and spider man. Cant always be happy ending and nice dialogue and smiles at the end.

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Temptation. So like, John Tucker Must Die? Anyone think that this movie is similar but only with adults and not high school teens.





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