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RIOTS are the voices of the Unheard! Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. This looks like a war zone. This is all Darryl Gates fault. You put white men in control of people of color for so long under oppressive rules and there is bound to be an explosion of racial tension. Darryl Gates couldn't even get along with Mayor Tom Bradley who was black. Gates refused to work with him.

I cant understand some of these dumb people attacking fire fighter & ambulance crew, police is there to resolve a situation or prevent crime, ambulance and fire brigade there to save live.


This shyt retarted. ya niggas shuda fucked up tha police not the fucking society thass where government fucked yu up back again. niggas dnt kno. fuck tha system. @AwokenTigerEyE FACT: The majority of the people arrested were LATINO. FACT: LESS than 40% of the people arrest were BLACK. you can't always believe what you think. I wonder what Rodney King thought of all of this chaos in his name. I lived in LA as well I was only 22 years old I remember the sirens going all night. I collected a few things in a bag just in case my apartment was firebombed I could run out fast. I just stayed inside I had enough food to last a week. Lucky for us no one bothered our apartment building most of the activity was the people looting stores. My apartment had no gate it was right on the street apartment manager ran around said to turn off our lights at night so would not attract attention until the national guard showed up and things calmed down. I moved as soon as my lease was up down to orange county.

Que vergonha e lamentavel tudo isso. Wow I know that was fucked that the cops did didn't get punished but why go after all nonblacks might as well just all team up and fuck up the cops instead of innocent people. The la riots was just a disgrace to african Americans. Full movie the lost tapes: la riots la. Ok, let me make it clear that i am not a racist. As evident by the comment i made, condemning the actions of these black supremacist. SO i assume your black? are you aware that black people could be racist too. ROOF KOREANS BEST KOREANS. Those people should have been fight the government people responible for this insted of evey white man. The irresponsible American TV media caused this riot. They ran the clip of Rodney King being beaten 1,000 times a day until the city exploded. Then the TV news executives, on their 5 million a year salaries, retreated to their homes in the hills while the city beneath them burned.

Damn i was 4 when that happened. Thanks Tourettes Guy, Now every time i hear the word looters, i always think of Looters and Polluters. I empathize with Rodney king. And I empathize with the innocent white trucker that nearly got killed. Those were dark times. But the people the looters stole from, and the shops they destroyed were small business owners in their own communities, nothing justified those riots. Full movie the lost tapes: la riots 2.

We din do nuffin. 36:10 I thought that chick in the green was going to kick off. No one seems to understand. Black people were worth less than dirt! White people enslaved them when my great great grand daddy was around, and continued to dominate and oppress them up until the 60's-70's. This wasn't sparked by a random beating, this was a boil-over from generations of beatings and discrimination, all of which for NO LOGICAL REASON. Tell me, wouldn't you also be mad if your family and their children became enslaved until the 5th generation? Whites should have seen this coming. Full Movie The Lost Tapes: LA riots. Full movie the lost tapes 3a la riots karaoke. Full Movie The Lost Tapes: LA roots music. Black Friday discounts.





Fire fighter should not go in. SN DOUBLE O P D O DOUBLE G.


People like you are the reason I thank God everyday that I'm NOT BLACK. By making movies and publisizing racism only gives it more power. Rasism would be dead if we wouldn't keep bringing it up and blaming people for it. YES racism happened and it continues today only because we keep bringing attention to it. Slavery in America happened over 300 years ago and today people can live equally if we could stop putting all the small cases of rasism on TV for the world to see and start making a race war. This is a bad excuse for a movie. Read any text book and move on with your life. Not only did slavery happen to african Americans but to many other races too. In conclusion, racism only has the power media gives it.

I feel like I am watching live TV with all the static and snow. Seriously, I remember this it was a wild week. I was going to turn 12 so I did not participate but I saw a lot crazy stuff go down. These rioters didn't know that the Koreans served mandatory military service in Korea. All korean men should go to army for 2~3years. That time most of Korean men participated in Vietnam war as well.

14:55 you could just tell that guy wished he had a machine gun mounted in that chopper. The Lost Tapes: LA Riots, Smithsonian Channel. Watch The Lost Tapes: LA Riots, EnhanceTV, The Lost Tapes: LA Riots Season 1: Episode 2. 51m; HD; TV-14; Los Angeles erupted into chaos in April 1992, after four white LAPD officers were acquitted for beating African American motorist Rodney King. Using these recordings, we take a look at one of the biggest periods of civil unrest in American history. Watch The Lost Tapes - S1:E2 LA Riots (2017) Online, Free. The Lost Tapes: SEASON 1: EPISODE 2 LA Riots. Ways to Watch; Watch Videos; The city of Los Angeles erupted into chaos on April 29, 1992, after four white LAPD officers were acquitted for beating African American motorist Rodney King, The Lost Tapes Full Episode Guide. Select the sources you want displayed in the episode guide. 6 months ago The story of Malcolm X is told through newscasts, speeches, and rarely seen archival footage. 9 months ago On February 4, 1974, 19-year-old Patricia "Patty" Hearst was kidnapped from her Berkeley, California apartment. Watch The Lost Tapes Online - Full Episodes of Season 2 to, Revisit the L.A. Riots shown entirely through news reports, home video, and police footage. FULL EPISODE: The Lost Tapes: LA Riots, Smithsonian.




Tmz mofo at 1:28:01. It will be on VH1 May 1st 9PM ET! don't forget. The police caused the riots, didn't help the city, national guard was ordered to protect the suburbs and the police were arresting volunteers. Thank god for the 2nd Amendment. Movie by Snoop Dog Premiering 2Nite in Beverly Hills :O.


The euro-MediTerranean docuMenTary MarkeT - MEDIMED. Upset about how police treat suspects. Gives police more reasons to treat you like suspects. Type of document. A project of this magnitude and complexity inevitably encounters its share of... View of the Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie. There were riots and massacres, notably in Bengal and Calcutta. less pessimistic, believed that humanity was not necessarily a lost cause. What is the music in the background. This was sad 😢 but hell so was the beating of Rodney King. Of course it wasnt a crime he was black couldnt you see it. Black life's don't matter. Adam-12 followed the careers and lives of two Los Angeles police officers, veteran Patrol. Subtitles. Subtitles. English [CC. Audio Languages. Audio Languages... Malloy, a part-time university student, finds himself in the middle of a campus riot... My kids love to watch this tape and the current episodes on "ME TV.

Tommy Sotomayor knows whats up. THE GOLDEN CHILD HAS RISEN AGAIN! Salute from Detroit. Stead of doing something politically/historically significant, like starting the riot in Beverly Hills and plundering the turn on each other and destroy their own communities. Very strange. Why didn't they target the cause of their stead of making more misery for each other. The Lost Tapes: LA Riots, Smithsonian Channel. I wish A&E wouldn't glamorize these jerks. SN DOUBLE O P D O DOUBLE G. Good times. San Francisco is in chaos, with riots everywhere. Piper and Leo find a mysterious man in the middle of it. Watch Be Careful What You Witch For. Episode 22 of. He got it worse than Rodney king. He took a blunt force object to the head, And he was just trying to go to work. how nice. This was WRONG. White and black people high on drugs have been fatally shot in situations similar to Rodney Kings.

What to Know About 'The Lost Tapes: L.A. Riots. Multichannel. Detroit, South Africa, Compton, Newark, Philly, geographic region controlled by blacks is always a dump, filled with crime, crooked leaders, murder, drugs mayhem, poverty disease, it has to be genetics. Smithsonian Channel on April 23 will air the documentary special The Lost Tapes: L.A. Riots, which features video footage, police recordings. This might be Nas' last album on Def Jam. You know i just thought about an atomic formula that could incinerate the whole atmosphere. Imagine what could happen if Nas had a reaction with BlackThought. That would be the 💣.

I was there, and this entire thing was staged.







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