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Wonder Woman: swings from lightning Thor: i like this one. Meanwhile somewhere not in the movie. Mushu: Dishonor on you, dishonor on your whole family, dishonor on your cow. * SPOILER ALERT. I totally thought the bottle scene was going to be extremely weird but I actually cried like a baby! It just worked. I'm glad they're trying to bring awareness to this issue. I hope it saves some girls from the hell that is the eating disorder life 😔.

I love how this has a more historical standpoint, I want Shang back, but its fine. The new guy is supposed to be arrogant and a bully, so she basically falls for one of her friends in the original film. And even though there wont be songs and just an instrumental version, that fact is corrected with the fact that there will be so much more plot going on, hopefully more background on the Huns? Mulan was already basically an action film and not your in the box Disney film, this just makes it so much better. There's a game? I'm not it, I don't wanna be it. Sooooo many scientology jokes can be made here... Ohhh the memes that are incoming. She lived a lot of lives, then blew all her covers. The Mandalorian busy here in 84 doing TV ads, where's the baby? And did he pawn the armor and the MUSK.

Muito Bommm. Este é o Brasil que ninguém vê! Exploração, Escravidão e TOTAL DESRESPEITO À DIGNIDADE HUMANA! Cabe a cada um de nós refletir sobre esta questão, e buscar um caminho que nos leve à verdadeira IGUALDADE, LIBERDADE E RESPEITO À VIDA, ou seja, promover o que chamamos de REVOLUÇÃO HUMANA! SIM, NÓS PODEMOS. Itamar Lourenço.


Gostei mais da repórter. Caroline, O vídeo está em baixa definição apesar de indicar HD. Vc teria a versão em alta. One Man Industry: Tom Cruise. I guess I'll keep coming here for my daily doses till I get cured June 5 2020 😭😭😭. Anyone else get the Hallmark echo-1 Christmas ornament 😍 2019. This movie start at the end and finish at the beginning😆. Jack Black's just flexing his acting skills at this point. Time, power, control, gravity, space. that's Christopher Nolan. This is gonna be HUGE.

This is what the AI see in a video game. O preço de comer carne é esse. Great movie, great acting. Worst ending ever though. I got chills and almost teared up when reflection played. I don't think adding a witch was necessary. Shan Yu is a good enough antagonist. Only in Nolan's comment section you see director more popular than actor.